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Anodyne Records
Parent company Anodyne Records
Genre Punk, Indie
Country of origin US
Official website

Anodyne Records was founded in 1997 in Kansas City by John Hulston marking its coming-out with the now eponymous live “Making Love EP” from seminal Kansas City indie rockers, Shiner.[1] Over the intervening years, releases from The String and Return, Dirtnap, Overstep, The Hearers and the Pornhuskers helped cement the Anodyne reputation locally as the go-to label for landmark Kansas City bands. Starting in 2005, Anodyne Records began growing; signing bands such as The Architects, Roman Numerals, The Valley Arena & the legendary Meat Puppets. In 2008, Anodyne Records began working on new releases from Open Hand, The BellRays, Sirhan Sirhan and The Vox Jaguars in a continuing commitment to aiding unique artists to make killer albums.


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