Anokhi Ada

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Anokhi Ada
अनोखी अदा
Anokhi Ada.jpg
VCD Cover
Directed by Kundan Kumar
Produced by Kundan Kumar
Written by Rafi Ajmeri
Vishwanath Pande (dialogues)
Majrooh Sultanpuri (lyrics)
Screenplay by Mushtaq Jalili
K.K. Shukla
Story by Mushtaq Jalili
Starring Jeetendra
Vinod Khanna
Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Cinematography V. Durga Prasad
Edited by Kamlakar Karkhanis
Kundan Films
B4U Entertainment
Eros Entertainment
Distributed by Asha Studios
Ranjit Studios
Roop Tara Studios
Shree Sound Studios
Release date
  • 3 April 1973 (1973-04-03)
Running time
118 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Anokhi Ada (English: Unique Payoff; Hindi: अनोखी अदा) is a 1973 Bollywood Action film, produced and directed by Kundan Kumar under the Kundan Films banner. The film stars Jeetendra, Rekha and Vinod Khanna in lead roleswith music composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.[1]


Two business partners, Lalaji and Gupta, are also very close friends and expect their friendship to turn into a relationship when their children, Rakesh and Neeta respectively get married. Things appear to be going according to plan, but change abruptly when a young man named Gopal is rescued from drowning and brought into the Lalaji household to recuperate. Gopal does recuperate and in order to repay his gratitude he offers to be employed by Lalaji in their business. Then Rakesh is killed by falling off a cliff; Gopal assumes control of the business; Lalaji and Gupta's friendship breaks up; he woos Neeta; and brings a look-alike of Rakesh - a hoodlum named Kishan - who is out for only one thing - that is to take over the wealth of the two businessmen - by hook or by crook.


  • Jeetendra as Rakesh
  • Rekha as Neeta Gupta
  • Vinod Khanna as Gopal
  • Padma Khanna as Radhika
  • Mehmood as Dr. Captain Bhushan
  • Nazir Hussain as Lalaji (as Nazir Hussain)
  • Manmohan Krishna as Mr. Gupta
  • Kanhaiyalal as Ram Prasad "Ramu" (as Kanhayalal)
  • Brahmachari as Sewakram (Dr. Bhushan's compounder)
  • Praveen Paul as Mrs. Kamla Gupta
  • Keshav Rana as Govind
  • Sanjana as Rosie (Gopal's girlfriend)
  • M.B. Shetty as Birju (as Shetty)
  • Manmohan as Shambhu
  • Jeevan as Khushiram


# Title Singer(s)
1 "Haal Kya Hai Dilon Ka" Kishore Kumar
2 "Tere Dil Mein Zara Si Jagah" Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
3 "Sundari Ae Hae Sundari" Kishore Kumar
4 "Jawani Tera Bol Bala" Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle
5 "Gum Gai Gum Gai" Asha Bhosle
6 "Anokhi Ada" Title Music


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