Anomalías eléctricas

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Anomalías eléctricas
Starring Ramón Esono Ebalé, Desiderio Manresa Bodipo, Rosa Cardus, Salustiana Ayecaba, Exuperancia Bibang
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
Country Equatorial Guinea

Anomalías eléctricas is a 2010 Equatoguinean short animated comedy.


The main character is studying in his house in Malabo when, suddenly, the power is cut. He tries to look for a candle, but he falls down because of the darkness. The light comes back and he can start to study again, but this does not last long. The power goes off again, the character tries to fix it, but he has an electric accident. When the light comes back on, he appears with “Rasta” hair and, a few seconds later, the power is cut for the third time.