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Anomaly may refer to:






  • Anomalous diffusion, the movement of molecules from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration
  • Anomalous dispersion (optics), when the speed of an electromagnetic wave increases with increasing frequency
  • Anomalon, a hypothetical type of nuclear matter that shows an anomalously large reactive cross section
  • Anomaly (physics), a failure of a symmetry of a theory's classical action
  • Conformal anomaly, a quantum phenomenon that breaks the conformal symmetry of the classical theory
  • Chiral anomaly, an anomalous nonconservation of a chiral current
  • Gauge anomaly, the effect of quantum mechanics that invalidates the gauge symmetry of a quantum field theory
  • Global anomaly, in quantum physics
  • Gravitational anomaly, an effect in quantum mechanics that invalidates the general covariance of some theories of general relativity
  • Konishi anomaly, the violation of the conservation of the Noether current associated with certain transformations
  • Mixed anomaly, an effect in quantum mechanics
  • Parity anomaly, associated with parity


  • In astronomy, an anomaly of an elliptical orbit, generally measured with respect to an apsis, usually the periapsis
  • Anomalous precession, another term for "apsidal precession"
  • Eccentric anomaly, an intermediate value used to compute the position of a celestial object as a function of time
  • Flyby anomaly, an unexpected energy increase during the flybys of the Earth by various satellites
  • Mean anomaly, a measure of time in the study of orbital dynamics
  • Pioneer anomaly, the observed deviation of the trajectories of some uncrewed space probes, and especially Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11
  • South Atlantic Anomaly, an area where the Earth's inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the Earth's surface
  • True anomaly, the angle between the direction of periapsis and the current position of an object on its orbit

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