Anonima Petroli Italiana

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api Anonima Petroli Italiana SpA
Società per Azioni
IndustryEnergy, Oil
Founded1933 (1933)
FounderFerdinando Peretti
Key people
Ugo Brachetti Peretti
ProductsUpstream, Midstream and Downstream
Revenue€2.92 billion (2010)[2]
€180,793 (2010)[2]
Total assets€1.74 billion (2010)[2]
Total equity€306.46 million (2010)[2]
Number of employees
906 (2010)[2]
ParentGruppo api

Anonima Petroli Italiana or simply api (in lower case) is a large oil company in Italy. It is a provider of crude oil for the petrochemical industry and a distributor of petroleum products. It is the most important subsidiary of the holding company Gruppo api (api Group), which also includes api Raffineria di Ancona SpA, api Energia SpA, Festival SpA, apioil Ltd, api GmbH and api Services Ltd. It is headquartered in Rome, Italy.[1][3]


The company was founded in Ancona in 1933 by Ferdinando Peretti. It operates as a strategic coordinator of all api group's activities, through the direct supplying of semi-finished crude oil and assigned in the production, the acquisition of finished products and their transport, the exchanges with other oil companies to optimize the distributive logistics, the complementary activity of trading of crude oil and by-products to clients, and the sale of all the by-products in Italy and to foreign countries. It also is dedicated to operate and develop oil and gas field properties.[3][4] It owns a refinery in Ancona with a capacity of 3.9 million tonnes/year and an electric power plant of 250 MW.

In 2005 it acquired the IP gas station chain from ENI. After a few years running the chains in parallel it switched all its stations to a revamped IP image and now supplies around 4,200 filling stations (up from around 1,600 at the time of the acquisition) with a market share of 11%.[5]


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