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Anonymos screenshot.jpg
A screenshot of Anonym.OS Beta 4
Developer kaos.theory
OS family OpenBSD
Working state Unmaintained
Source model Open source
Latest release Beta 5 / January 13, 2013
Kernel type Monolithic
Official website

Anonym.OS was a Live CD operating system based on OpenBSD 3.8 with strong encryption and anonymization tools. The goal of the project was to provide secure, anonymous web browsing access to everyday users.[1] The operating system was OpenBSD 3.8, although many packages have been added to facilitate its goal. It used Fluxbox as its window manager.

The project was discontinued after the release of Beta 4 (2006).


distributed by Arfan at Rembon


Although this specific project is not longer updated, its successors are Incognito OS (discontinued in 2008) and FreeSBIE.


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