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In North American NANP telephone system, anonymous call rejection is a landline calling feature that screens out calls from callers who have blocked their caller ID information. It is often free and included with caller ID on landlines, but it may be available separately from the local telephone company.

This feature is not available from most cellphone services with caller ID, such as Sprint, T-Mobile USA or AT&T. Verizon Wireless provides this service, but it prevents dialing a feature code or successfully calling customer service. Verizon Wireless does not currently provide blocked or anonymous call rejection.

In North America, the feature is enabled with the vertical service code *77, and disabled with *87.[1]

Service usage messages[edit]

"Your anonymous call rejection service is now on. Callers who block their number will get a recording saying you do not accept blocked calls."[2]

"Your anonymous call rejection service is now off. Callers who block their number can now reach you."[2]

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