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Origin Quebec, Canada
Genres Thrash metal
Years active 1989–present
Labels Galy Records

Anonymus is a Quebec thrash metal band founded in 1989. Their last studio album, "Chapter Chaos Begins", was released by Galy Records in 2006.[1] They are known for their collaboration on the album L'Académie du Massacre featuring songs by Quebec satirical singer Mononc' Serge.

The band was nominated for a CMW Indie Award for Favorite Metal Artist/Group Or Duo of the Year in 2008.[2]


  • Carlos Araya (drums)
  • Daniel Souto (guitar)
  • Oscar Souto (bass and vocals)
  • Jef Fortin (guitar)

Former member[edit]



  • The band can be seen in B.A.R.F.'s DVD "From The Grave". Carlos is on the drum for half of the show and they make a guest appearance during "Taper Du Pied".
  • The vocalist Oscar Souto is also featured in two songs, "Inner Capsule" & "Tunnel Effect" on the Quo Vadis DVD "Defiant Indoctrination" which he also does guest vocals for on the studio versions.


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