Another Harvest Moon

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Another Harvest Moon
Another Harvest Moon.jpg
Directed by Greg Swartz
Produced by Robert Black
Chad Taylor
Rodney Holland
Written by Jeremy Thomas Black
Starring Ernest Borgnine
Piper Laurie
Anne Meara
Doris Roberts
Music by Kenny Barron
Cinematography Jeffrey A. Cunningham
Edited by Darren Iovino
Distributed by MarVista Entertainment
Release dates
  • August 7, 2009 (2009-08-07) (RIIFF)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Another Harvest Moon is a 2009 American drama film directed by Greg Swartz about four elderly citizens coping with life in a nursing home. The film stars Ernest Borgnine, Piper Laurie, Anne Meara and Doris Roberts.

Plot summary[edit]

Four elderly patients at a nursing home have made friends and play cards most days when they are feeling up to it. Unfortunately Frank is slowing down and is on a lot of medication such as insulin and suffers from strokes. June has dementia and is sometimes barely able to recognise who she is talking to or holding a conversation that's inline with what is being discussed. Ella is upset from breaking her hip from merely sitting in a chair due to her old age. Alice is still bubbly and hanging on her hopes of winning the lottery.

Frank's family visit regularly including his son Jeffrey and grandson Jack. Frank has also struck up a friendship with one of the orderly's Paul who looks after him. When Frank starts forgetting to administer his insulin medication Paul steps in to continue the task.

On Frank's request, Jeffery brings into the nursing home a memory box of things that Frank put together. Amongst the items that he has kept relate to his wife and his war buddies, is a gun. Thinking it is empty, Jeffery allows it to be left at the home as Frank wants to show it to Paul. Missing his dead wife and feeling like his body and mind are becoming more useless, Frank contemplates suicide and is seen unraveling some bullets that are hidden elsewhere. The story unravels about what will happen next as Frank's relationship with friends and his grandson Jack recognise what Frank want.


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