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Another Miss Oh
Another Oh Hae-young poster.jpeg
Promotional poster.
(Note: The poster has Studio Dragon's former logo below.)
Also known asAnother Oh Hae-young
Written byPark Hae-young
Wi So-young
Directed bySong Hyun-wook
Lee Jong-jae
StarringEric Mun
Seo Hyun-jin
Jeon Hye-bin
Theme music composerEom Ki-yeop, Julie
Opening theme"What Is Love" by Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Seung-woo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes18 + 2 (special)
Executive producer(s)Park Ho-sik
Jinnie Jin-hee Choi
Yoon Gi-tae
Producer(s)Lee Sang-hee
Running time70 minutes
Production company(s)Chorokbaem Media
Studio Dragon[a]
DistributorCJ E&M
Original networktvN
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
First shown inSouth Korea
Original releaseMay 2 (2016-05-02) –
June 28, 2016 (2016-06-28)
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Another Miss Oh[1] (Korean또! 오해영; Hanja또! 誤解영; RRTto! O Hae-yeong; MRTto! O Hae-yŏng; lit. Another Oh Hae-young) is a South Korean television series starring Eric Mun, Seo Hyun-jin, Jeon Hye-bin.[2][3][4][5][6][7] It replaced Pied Piper and broadcast on cable network tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 (KST) time slot for 18 episodes[8][9] from May 2 to June 28, 2016.[10]

The series held the record highest audience rating for a tvN Monday-Tuesday show and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history. The drama was extended by 2 episodes and 2 specials.[11]


Park Do-kyung (Eric Mun) is a sound director in his 30s. A year ago, his bride, Oh Hae-young (gold) (Jeon Hye-bin), disappeared on their wedding day leaving him miserable. One year after that incident, Do-kyung was told that Hae-young is going to marry a young entrepreneur named Han Tae-jin (Lee Jae-yoon). Do-kyung exacted revenge by sabotaging Tae-jin's business leaving him bankrupt. However, the woman who has the name Oh Hae-young (soil) (Seo Hyun-jin) was actually just a stranger who coincidentally has the same name with the other Oh Hae-young (gold) who left him.

Coincidentally, Oh Hae-young (soil) is the girl that Do-kyung had been seeing lately in his visions, and he sees snapshots of the future with her in it.

Tae-jin was soon to be sent to jail due to bankruptcy, and hence before his imprisonment he meets fiancée, Hae-young (soil), and tells her that he doesn't love her that much to marry her and wants to call off their wedding. Truthfully, Tae-jin was lying and his true intentions was to let her go so that she will gain happiness.

Amidst all of this, Do-kyung and Hae-young (soil)'s lives turn as they cross paths. After sharing similar unfortunate experiences of being dumped before their weddings, the two of them got even closer. Will Do-kyung start to fall in love with Hae-young (soil)? But, will Hae-young (soil) look at Do-kyung the same way when she finds out that he is the one who ruined her wedding? Is it a love story between two people who should not be destined to be together? Or will Do-kyung's visions of her actually prove that they are meant for each other?



A 36-year-old man, he is a sound director. He has a very reserved and aloof personality and is intimate and meticulous with his work. He is unable to forget his ex-girlfriend, Oh Hae-young (gold), who disappeared on the day of their wedding. After he mistook Oh Hae-young (soil) with Hae-young (gold), Do-kyung keeps seeing visions that are always related to Hae-young (soil) as if he sees the future. He falls in love with Hae-young (soil) but knows he doesn't deserve her, because he was the one who ruined her wedding with her ex-fiancé, Han Tae-jin.

A 32-year-old woman, she is a product planning team representative of the catering division of her company. Her life got ruined after her ex-fiancé Tae-jin dumped her the day before their wedding, and as a result she becomes the main topic of gossip because of it. She describes herself as a pitiful and unlucky person but is cheered up by Do-kyung and eventually becomes attracted to him. Meanwhile, she is clueless that Do-kyung is the person who ruined her wedding. Because she shares the same name with the beautiful and perfect Oh Hae-young (gold), she is always compared and feels small.

A 32-year-old woman, she is the TF team leader of the catering division Oh Hae-young (soil) works in. She also is Do-kyung's ex-lover who ditched their wedding and left for Europe. After one year, she still loves him and decided to come back to him. She comes from a wealthy family with many marriage issues, where her mother and father marry and divorce back-and-forth, and has many step-siblings. She always appears cheerful in front everyone in order to hide her true self who lacks love from her parents.


People around Park Do-kyung[edit]

A 44-year-old woman, she is the catering division director and Do-kyung's older sister. She is an alcoholic who always babbles in French when she gets drunk and has a habit of falling for any man whom she ever sleeps with. Hae-young (soil) and her other subordinates give her the nickname "Isadora" ("isa" = two four (24) and "dora" = "running around" meaning she is around all the time -24/7) because of her habit of constantly checking up on her subordinates.

A 36-year-old man, he is a lawyer and Do-kyung's friend. He is the first person who mistook Hae-Young (soil) as Hae-young (gold) and persuaded Do-kyung to seek revenge. He said to Do-kyung he would stay in Do-kyung's house for a while to protect himself from dangerous people that are related to the case he is handling. But in reality, he is hiding from the husband of a woman he recently seduced.

A 33-year-old man, he is a sound recording studio staff and Do-kyung's younger brother. Even though they have the same last name, Do-kyung and Hoon are not actually blood-related - Do-kyung and Soo-kyung are from the maternal side, while Hoon is from the paternal side. He seems to be frustrated with his step-brother, and they don't get along with each other often and share different opinions. He always gets crazy while searching for a girlfriend.

A 63-year-old woman, she is a film producer and Do-kyung's mother. She is a gold-digger and only cares about living a luxurious life, and always asks Do-kyung for money even though she never pays him back. She was against Do-kyung's marriage to Hae-young (gold) as she knew Do-kyung wouldn't give her money once he gets married. For this purpose, she emotionally and psychologically tortures Hae-young (gold) into running away on the day of their wedding.

People around Oh Hae-young (soil)[edit]

A 36-year-old man, he is an entrepreneur and Hae-young (soil)'s ex-fiancé. He decides to call off their wedding and dumps Hae-young (soil) in order to let her live happily. Not long after he dumped her, he went to jail because of the bankruptcy. He is curious as to why Do-kyung decided to destroy his business as they never met each other previously. Even after he walks out from the jail, he still has feelings for his ex-fiancé, Hae-young (soil).

A 60-year-old man, he is Hae-young (soil)'s father. As a man he is talented in cooking, and he seems to be more patient and calm then Hae-young (soil)'s mother.

A 57-year-old woman, she is Hae-young (soil)'s mother. She feels pressured after her daughter called off her wedding, as her friends in the neighborhood keep talking about her daughter behind her back. She has a weird habit of taking off her clothes when she's angry.

She is a film producer and Hae-young (soil)'s best friend. Thanks to her, Do-kyung and Hae-young (soil) meet for the first time in person. She has been Hae-young (soil)'s sole dependable friend since their high school days. Even though both of them are close, Hee-ran is popular with boys unlike Hae-young (soil).

She is Hae-young (soil)'s aunt. She used to help with house work often, but after Hae-young (soil) called off her marriage, she becomes annoying and regularly argues with Deok-yi.

People around Oh Hae-young (gold)[edit]


A 21-year-old woman, she is a part-time staff of a convenience store and Hoon's girlfriend, and seems to not want to get married during her lifetime. She tells Hoon during their 100th day anniversary that she wants the both of them to live together, but Hoon constantly rejects her idea because they are not a married couple.

A 74-year-old man, he is a conglomerate chairman and Hae-young (gold)'s step-father, as Hae-young (gold)'s mother was once married him but eventually got divorced.

He is Do-kyung's psychiatrist and the only person who knows about Do-kyung's visions that are related to Hae-young (soil).

  • Kwon Min [ko] as Kim Seong-jin – Hae-young (soil)'s workshop colleague, the leader of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Kim Ki-doo [ko] as Gi-tae – sound engineer
  • Jo Hyun-sik as Sang-seok – sound engineer
  • Choi Joon-ho [ko] as Lee Joon – sound engineer
  • Kwon Soo-hyun
  • Shin Woo-gyeom as Ji-hoon
  • Lee Ga-hyun as Shim Ye-jin – member of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Yoo Se-rye as Chan-joo – member of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Kim Jong-gook [ko] as officer of the catering division
  • Baek Joon as Jung Woo-sung – member of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Kim Moon-hak as Kim Moon-hak – member of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Hwang Chang-do as Hwang Chang-do – member of the catering division "Seasonal Table" team
  • Jo Seong-hyuk as Hae-young's high school alumni
  • Park Myung-hoon as Lee Chan-soo – Tae-jin's friend partner
  • Yeon Mi-joo [ko] as Jang Young-ji – chairman Jang's daughter


Special appearances[edit]

  • Ahn Il-kwon [ko] as film director (ep. 1)
  • Lee Hyun-jin as Hae-young (soil)'s blind date (ep. 1)
  • Yoon Jong-hoon as Choi Noo-ri, Hae-young's high school alumni (ep. 2–3)
  • Yeon Woo-jin as lawyer Gong Gi-tae (ep. 7)
  • Im Ha-ryong as hero of the film "Another Productivity" (ep. 9)
  • Lee Pil-mo as Do-kyung's father at the youth time (ep. 10)
  • Lee Yoo-ri as Heo Ji-ya at the youth time (ep. 10)
  • Lee Byung-joon as Lee Byung-joon – singer, worry counselor (ep. 11–18)
  • Kim Shin-young as Kim Shin-young – "Kim Shin-young's Morning Coffee" radio show host (ep. 12)
  • Lee Sun-bin as Jin-sang's Monday girlfriend (ep. 14)
  • Woo Hyeon as Woo Hyeon – Park Soon-taek's senior (ep. 15–18)
  • Seo Jun-young as Hae-young (gold)'s blind date (ep. 15)
  • Seo Ye-ji as Oh Seo-hee – Hae-young (soil)'s younger cousin (ep. 15)
  • Oh Man-seok as Oh Man-seok – film director (ep. 18)

Original soundtrack[edit]

Part 1[edit]

1."Little Miss Sunshine (사르르)"Wable (와블)2:47
2."Little Miss Sunshine (사르르)" (Inst.) 2:47
Total length:5:34

Part 2[edit]

1."Just Like a Dream (꿈처럼)"Ben3:46
2."Just Like a Dream (꿈처럼)" (Inst.) 3:46
Total length:7:32

Part 3[edit]

1."What Is Love (사랑이 뭔데)"Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Seung-woo[13]3:33
2."What Is Love (사랑이 뭔데)" (Inst.) 3:33
Total length:7:06

Part 4[edit]

1."Maybe I (어쩌면 나)"Roy Kim3:30
2."Maybe I (어쩌면 나)" (Inst.) 3:30
Total length:7:00

Part 5[edit]

1."If It Is You (너였다면)"Jung Seung-hwan4:33
2."If It Is You (너였다면)" (Inst.) 4:33
Total length:9:06

Part 6[edit]

1."I'll Be There"Lee Seok-hoon [ko] (SG Wannabe)3:51
2."I'll Be There" (Inst.) 3:51
Total length:7:42

Part 7[edit]

1."As I've Waited, More (기다린 만큼, 더)"The Black Skirts4:29
2."As I've Waited, More (기다린 만큼, 더)" (Inst.) 4:29
Total length:8:58

Part 8[edit]

1."Scattered (흩어져)"Kim EZ (GGot Jam Project [ko])4:01
2."Scattered (흩어져)" (Inst.) 4:01
Total length:8:02
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Streaming counts Remarks
"Just Like a Dream" (Ben) 2016 6
  • KOR: 49,138,331+[15]
Part 2
"What Is Love"
(Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Seung-woo)
  • KOR: 32,029,739+[17]
Part 3
"Maybe I"
(Roy Kim)
  • KOR: 13,095,774+[19]
Part 4
"If It Is You"
(Jung Seung-hwan)
  • KOR: 113,279,838+[21]
Part 5
"I'll Be There"
(Lee Seok-hoon [ko] (SG Wannabe))
49 Part 6
"As I've Waited, More"
(The Black Skirts)
21 Part 7
(Kim EZ (GGot Jam Project [ko]))
49 No data Part 8
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Title Average audience share
AGB Nielsen TNmS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
1 May 2, 2016 Can I Cry?
(울어도 되나요)
2.059% 2.796% 1.8%
2 May 3, 2016 A Relationship Completely Unplanned
(미필적 고의에 의한 인연)
2.981% 4.311% 2.6%
3 May 9, 2016 Love If You Want to Live
(살고싶을 땐, 사랑하기로)
2.996% 3.038% 3.9%[27]
4 May 10, 2016 Let's Hum a Song and Go Home
(콧노래를 사서 집으로 가자)
4.253%[28][29] 5.201% 4.7%
5 May 16, 2016 The Suffering Heart to Frenzy
(미치게 짠한)
5.031%[30][31] 6.276% 4.9%
6 May 17, 2016 A Half Love, a Half Mercy
(사랑 반, 측은 반)
6.068%[32][33][34] 7.746% 5.4%
7 May 23, 2016 I Wish I Was the Only Woman in the World
(세상에 여자는 나 하나였으면 좋겠어)
6.604%[35] 8.038% 6.7%
8 May 24, 2016 I'm Not Crying Because of Him, I'm Crying Because of You
(그 때문에 우는 게 아니야 너 때문에 우는 거야)
7.798%[36][37] 9.386% 6.7%
9 May 30, 2016 The Wind Blew in That Heart
(그 마음에 바람이 불었다)
7.990% 9.924% 7.1%
10 May 31, 2016 The Way to Go to You
(너에게 가는 길)
8.425%[38] 10.983% 7.2%
11 June 6, 2016 Pain, Sick and ...
(아프고 아프고 ...)
9.022%[39] 11.869% 7.9%
12 June 7, 2016 I Hope You to Be Unhappy Leaving Me
(나 떠나 부디 불행하길)
9.353% 12.028% 7.8%
13 June 13, 2016 A Heart That Was Understood
(헤아려 본 마음)
8.507% 10.506% 7.9%
14 June 14, 2016 All Sounds Except Love Should Be Silent
(사랑이 아닌 모든 소리는 침묵하라)
8.836% 11.458% 8.1%
15 June 20, 2016 Those Days We Couldn't Love Much More
(더더더 사랑 못한 지난날들)
7.929% 10.686% 7.4%
16 June 21, 2016 It Becomes Livable Because of You
(너로 인해 살아진다)
8.027% 10.503% 7.7%
17 June 27, 2016 Enough Not to Care About Dying Today
(오늘 죽어도 좋을만큼)
8.028% 10.310% 7.0%
18 June 28, 2016 Please Stay Alive. I'm Grateful That You're Alive, Dear.
(살아주십시오 살아있어서 고마운 그대)
9.991%[40] 13.428% 8.1%
Average 6.883% 8.805% 6.3%
Special July 4, 2016 3.480% 4.198% 2.4%
July 5, 2016 2.892% 3.334% 2.3%
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
5th APAN Star Awards
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Eric Mun Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Seo Hyun-jin Won
Best Supporting Actress Jeon Hye-bin Nominated
Ye Ji-won Won
Best Couple Award Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin Nominated
9th Korea Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actress Seo Hyun-jin Nominated
tvN10 Awards
Best Actor Eric Mun Nominated
Best Actress Seo Hyun-jin Nominated
Best Content Award, Drama Another Miss Oh Won
Romantic-Comedy King Eric Mun Won
Romantic-Comedy Queen Seo Hyun-jin Won
Made in tvN, Actress in Drama Won
Two Star Award Kim Ji-seok Nominated
Scene-Stealer Award, Actor Nominated
Scene-Stealer Award, Actress Kim Mi-kyung Nominated
Ye Ji-won Nominated
Best Kiss Award Kim Ji-seok and Ye Ji-won 7th place
Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin 2nd place
11th Cable TV Broadcasting Awards [ko][41][42]
Cable Star Award – Scene-Stealer Ye Ji-won Won
Cable Star Award – Popular Star Kim Ji-seok Won
Cable Star Award – Best Couple Kim Ji-seok and Ye Ji-won Won
53rd Baeksang Arts Awards[43][44]
Best Director Song Hyun-wook Nominated
Best Screenplay Park Hae-young Nominated
Best Actress Seo Hyun-jin Won

International broadcast[edit]


  1. ^ Studio Dragon (스튜디오드래곤) is CJ E&M's drama production subsidiary founded in May 2016. Another Oh Hae-young is its debut production.


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