Another Night (Real McCoy album)

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Another Night
Another Night (album).jpg
Studio album by Real McCoy
Released March 14, 1995 United States
Recorded 1993-1995
Genre Eurodance
Length 46:18
Label Arista
Real McCoy chronology
Space Invaders
(1994)Space Invaders1994
Another Night
One More Time
(1997)One More Time1997
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Another Night is the 1995 U.S. re-release of the second album from Real McCoy (aka MC Sar & The Real McCoy) by Arista Records. Upon release in the U.S. and the U.K. in 1995, it peaked at No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart and No.13 on the U.S. Billboard 200. However, a different version of the album had already been released in Europe by Hansa Records under the title “Space Invaders” in 1994."[2] The "Space Invaders" version of the album had already been a huge success in Europe. The album featured the hit singles “Another Night," “Run Away”, "Love & Devotion", and “Automatic Lover (Call for Love)."[3]

When Clive Davis of Arista Records took notice of the massive success of the "Space Invaders" album in Europe, he immediately wanted to bring MC Sar & The Real McCoy to the American market in the same manner he had done with the group Ace of Base. Once Arista negotiated a distribution deal with Hansa Records, the “Space Invaders” album was re-titled to “Another Night” and the group name was shortened to just "Real McCoy." The album cover art and imagery for the re-release was also changed to reflect more positive and romantic themes instead of the dark imagery of the "Space Invaders" album art. Singer Vanessa Mason was also added to the group's live act, music videos, marketing and new CD cover art thus turning Real McCoy now into a trio act instead of a duo. Several songs from the original Space Invaders version of the album were removed and the songs “Ooh Boy,” “Come and Get Your Love,” “Sleeping with an Angel” “If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep In The Night)” were recorded and added to the re-release.[4]

"Another Night" (1995)[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Another Night"   3:57
2. "Come and Get Your Love" Lolly Vegas 3:14
3. "If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep in the Night)" Shep Pettibone, Val Young, Fred Jenkins, Steve Feldman 4:05
4. "Run Away"   4:03
5. "Sleeping with an Angel" Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg 4:37
6. "Ooh Boy" Norman Whitfield 3:04
7. "Love & Devotion"   4:05
8. "Automatic Lover (Call for Love)"   3:47
9. "Operator"   5:26
10. "I Want You"   4:46
11. "Another Night (House Mix)"   5:16

"Space Invaders" version (1994)[edit]

Space Invaders
Studio album by M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy
Released June 1994
Recorded 1993-1994
Genre Eurodance
Label Hansa
Producer Jurgen Wind (aka George Torpey)
Frank "Quickmix" Hassas
M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy chronology
Space Invaders
(1994)Space Invaders1994
Another Night
One More Time
(1997)One More Time1997
No. Title Length
1. "Space Invaders (The Opening)" 1:04
2. "Automatic Lover (Call for Love)" 3:48
3. "Run Away" 4:03
4. "24 Hours" 4:03
5. "Love & Devotion" 4:18
6. "Another Night" 3:57
7. "I Want You" 4:35
8. "Operator" 5:25
9. "Streetfighter" 5:08
10. "Out Of Control" 5:00
11. "Je Suis Amoureux ...." 3:40
12. "How Deep Is Your Love?" 3:52
13. "Another Night (U.S. House Mix)" 5:16
14. "Megablast" 5:09
15. "Spave Invaders (The Last Crusade)" 2:50


Chart (End of year 1995) Peak
Australia (ARIA) 34 [5]

Band Members[edit]

Real McCoy[edit]

  • Olaf Jeglitza (aka O-Jay): Rap Vocals
  • Karin Kasar: Singing Vocals

Patricia Petersen and Vanessa Mason, although they appear on the album sleeve, cover art and music videos, didn't record any vocals featured on the album.


  • Chuck Anthony: guitars
  • Shep Pettibone: keyboards, drum programming
  • Greg Wells, Rick Nowels: keyboards
  • Charlie Clouser: drum programming
  • Bag & Cygrid, Douglas Carr, St. James, Tommy Ekman, Dennis King, Dian & Monique Sorrell, Maria Vidal, Susan Summer, Karin Kasar, Billy Steinberg: backing vocals


  • Juergen Wind (J. Wind) / George Torpey
  • Olaf "O-Jay" Jeglitza
  • Frank "Quickmix" Hassas
  • Berman Brothers (producers)
  • Douglas Carr
  • Per Adebratt
  • Tommy Ekman
  • Billy Steinberg
  • Rick Nowels
  • Shep Pettibone
  • Tony Moran
  • Brent Argovitz


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