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Another Scoop
Compilation album by
Released8 July 1987
LabelAtco (US)
ProducerPete Townshend (Kit Lambert: executive producer on September 1978 demos)
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Another Scoop
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Another Scoop is a compilation album by Pete Townshend, and essentially a sequel to Scoop.


Like Scoop released in 1983, Another Scoop features a multitude of demos, outtakes and unreleased material, many of which are songs by The Who. It was followed by Scoop 3 in 2001, the third and last Scoop collection. All three albums were 2-disc sets, and in 2002 a pared-down compilation of them all was released as Scooped. Remastered versions of the original albums were released in 2006, and again in 2017.

Pete added liner notes to the release - "This is the second in a series of albums bringing together demo-tapes, home recordings and unreleased oddities produced during my career in and out of The Who.

I want to thank my friend Spike for her tireless energy raking through hundreds of hours of music to put together another interesting selection (she isn't even a Who fan!), and all the Who fans who've waited patiently while I garnered the courage to put it out. I also want to thank my friends at Atlantic records for making the space for me to release this record for collectors while I spend my time writing song for my next "serious" solo album."


July, 1986

The album is dedicated to the memory of Cliff Townshend.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Pete Townshend, except where noted.[3]

Disc one
No.TitleWriter(s)Year of recordingLength
1."You Better You Bet" 19805:19
2."Girl In A Suitcase" 19753:26
3."Brooklyn Kids" 19784:49
4."Pinball Wizard" 19693:00
5."Football Fugue" 19783:25
6."Happy Jack" 19662:15
7."Substitute" 19663:35
8."Long Live Rock" 19723:47
9."Call Me Lightning" 19642:12
10."Holly Like Ivy" 19822:54
11."Begin The Beguine"Cole Porter19694:10
12."Vicious Interlude"  0:22
13."La-La-La-Lies" 19651:58
14."Cat Snatch" 1982-19833:22
Disc two
No.TitleYear of recordingLength
1."Prelude #556"19821:19
2."Baroque Ippanese"19822:25
3."Praying The Game"19784:17
4."Driftin' Blues"19813:17
6."Pictures Of Lily"19672:50
7."Don't Let Go The Coat"19804:00
8."The Kids Are Alright"19652:58
9."Prelude: The Right To Write"19831:36
10."Never Ask Me"19774:24
11."Ask Yourself"1982-19834:30
12."The Ferryman"19785:46
13."The Shout"19843:52


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