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Anouchka Grose (born 1970 in Sydney, Australia) is a British-Australian Lacanian psychoanalyst and writer.[1] She is a member of The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, where she lectures.[2] Her journalism has been published by The Guardian,[3][4] and The Independent.[5] She also discusses psychoanalysis and current affairs on the radio, appearing on Woman's Hour and Beyond Belief, as well as presenting the first in the series of Radio 4's Lent Talks in 2017.[6] Before training as a psychoanalyst, she studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths' College and was a guitarist and backing vocalist with Terry, Blair & Anouchka (with Terry Hall of The Specials).[1] She has worked with the French-British artist Alice Anderson, writing about her work,[7] interviewing her,[8] and composing and performing music for her film, The Night I Became a Doll.[9] She also plays lap steel guitar with Martin Creed's band.[10]


  • The Hair Book, Hutchinson 1990
  • The Teenage Vegetarian Survival Guide, Red Fox 1992
  • Ringing For You, Flamingo 1999[11]
  • Darling Daisy, Flamingo 2000
  • No More Silly Love Songs, Portobello Books 2010 [12] Published in America under the title Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Tin House 2011 [13]
  • Are You Considering Therapy?, Karnac Books 2011
  • Jack Webb Suspects his Parents (essay), Dashwood Books 2011
  • Hysteria Today, (editor) Karnac 2016
  • From Anxiety to Zoolander: notes on psychoanalysis, Karnac 2017


Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes, Terry, Blair & Anouchka, Chrysalis Records1990[14]


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