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Pavilion Books Holdings Ltd is a publishing company with headquarters at 1, Gower Street, London WC1. It specialises in illustrated books and digital content. Pavilion was founded in 2005 as "Anova Books" with the acquisition[clarification needed] of the Chrysalis Books Group from the Chrysalis Group. Since then it has acquired and created several other imprints. The company's owner and publisher is Polly Powell. The Managing Director is David Graham. Non-executive directors are Vaughan Grylls, Jon Ripon and Zana Hanks. Current imprints include:

  • Batsford, or B. T. Batsford, established 1849, which publishes books in various specialty categories such as applied arts, bridge, chess and horticulture. Example current publications are Millie Marotta's colouring books and the 'Then and Now' series. Prominent chairman was Brian Batsford from 1952 until 1974.
  • Collins & Brown, an imprint originally launched in 1989 to focus on non-fiction publishing.
  • National Trust Books, a new imprint established by Pavilion to target National Trust members and others interested in gardening, cooking, and similar topics.
  • Pavilion Books, founded in 1981 and focused on cookery, lifestyle, photography, art and related subjects.
  • Portico, another new imprint offering works of humour and other non-fiction subjects.
  • Robson Books, publishing works by diverse authors such as Alan Coren, Matthew Parris, Jack Rosenthal, Dannie Abse, and Alan Sillitoe.

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