Anping Tree House

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Anping Tree House
原英商德記洋行 安平樹屋 臺南市 直轄市定古蹟其他 Venation 3.JPG
General information
TypeFormer warehouse
LocationAnping, Tainan, Taiwan
Coordinates23°00′13.5″N 120°09′35.3″E / 23.003750°N 120.159806°E / 23.003750; 120.159806Coordinates: 23°00′13.5″N 120°09′35.3″E / 23.003750°N 120.159806°E / 23.003750; 120.159806

The Anping Tree House (Chinese: 安平樹屋; pinyin: Ānpíng Shùwū) is a former warehouse in Anping District, Tainan, Taiwan. The "treehouse" name refers to the living banyan roots and branches that cover the building.


After the Qing government signed the Treaty of Tientsin in June 1858, Anping was one of the harbors in Taiwan which was opened to international trade.[1] Trading company Tait & Company constructed a merchant house in 1867 as well as a warehouse.[2] The company was involved in the export of granulated sugar and camphor. Before those goods were loaded into transport ships, they were stored inside the warehouse.

In 1911, the merchant house and the warehouse were turned into the office and warehouse of Japan Salt Company. Once the warehouse was abandoned, the banyan tree around it started to spread its branches and roots around the building.[3] The warehouse was finally opened to the public in 2004 as the Anping Tree House.[4]


The tree house features a skyway above it for visitors to move around.[3]


The tree house is accessible by bus from Tainan Station of Taiwan Railways.[4]

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