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Industry Bus manufacturing
Founded 1945
Founder Reg Ansett
Defunct November 1998
Headquarters Tullamarine
Number of locations
Parent Clifford Corporation

Ansair was an Australian bus bodybuilder owned by Ansett Transport Industries and later the Clifford Corporation.


Ansair was founded by Reg Ansett in the 1945 in Tullamarine to body buses for his Ansett Pioneer coach operation as well as manufacture aircraft components for Ansett Airways.[1] It also bodied buses for other operators.

In 1987 a plant opened in Kingston, Tasmania body Scanias for Metro Tasmania and in January 1993 a plant opened at East-West Airlines' former Tamworth Airport maintenance facility to body Scanias for Sydney Buses.[2][3]

In August 1995 Ansett Transport Industries sold Ansair to the Clifford Corporation.[4] In September 1995 the Kingston plant closed followed in 1997 by Tullamarine.[5][6] Ansair ceased trading in November 1998 when Clifford Corporation collapsed.[7]

The Tamworth plant was reopened by Jakab Industries to complete an order of Volvo B10BLEs for Sydney Buses under the Phoenix Bus brand.[8][9][10]


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