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Ansari (Arabic: انصاری) is a nesbat - or nesba - used in the Middle East and South Asia. It originates from Ansar (Arabic: انصار), the Medinan people that helped Islamic prophet Muhammad when he migrated from Mecca to Medina. The literal meaning of Ansar is "supporters".

Arabic usage[edit]

The name itself is not used as a surname among Arabs; patronymics are used instead. The word is added as a title to the end of the name, if one has an ancestor who was an Ansar. This use of a name is called "Nesbat" in Arabic, meaning "relation". In modern times, however, the surname Al-Ansari is widely used in many Persian Gulf and Arab nations. Most Ansaris claim ancestry to Abu Ayyub al-Ansari.

Iranian usage[edit]

In contrast to Arabic usage, Iranians use surnames instead of patronymics. In Iran, Ansari has become a surname. This has also happened with the "Tabatabai", also originally a Nesbat.

South Asian usage[edit]

The Ansari surname is used in Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh, to show a lineage or ancestral link to the Ansar of Medina.[citation needed][dubious ]

Over a period of time, others, and many of the new Muslim converts, in India also identified themselves as Ansari, to show reverence to their Islamic faith. Many of them in northern India and Pakistan have their roots going back to West Asia (Middle East), who came to Indian sub-continent for various reasons and then later settled down there. Often, but not necessarily, Ansari is used to identify a caste, as well which is common in South Asian culture.

Notable Ansari people[edit]

Notable Ansari Women[edit]

  • Anousheh Ansari (born 1966), Iranian-American entrepreneur, first Iranian astronaut and backer of the Ansari X Prize
  • Nazenin Ansari, Iranian journalist in exile
  • Bushra Ansari (born 1956), Pakistani television presenter
  • Noushafarin Ansari (born 1939), Indian-born Iranian librarian, educator and manager

Notable Ansari Scientist[edit]

First Naats in islam[edit]

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