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Ansett New Zealand
Ansett NZ Logo.jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Commenced operations1987 (1987)
Ceased operations2001 (2001) (ceased with Ansett Australia)
Fleet sizeSee Below
DestinationsSee Below
Company sloganMaking the differences that matter
Ansett New Zealand BAe 146-300 at Wellington, 1999
Ansett New Zealand DHC-8 at Hamilton, July 2000
Ansett New Zealand Boeing 737-130, November 1988

Ansett New Zealand was a wholly owned airline subsidiary of Ansett Australia, serving the New Zealand domestic market between 1987 and 2000. In order to comply with regulatory requirements relating to the acquisition of Ansett Australia by Air New Zealand, Ansett New Zealand was sold to News Corporation and later to Tasman Pacific Airlines of New Zealand in 2000, operating as a Qantas franchise under the Qantas New Zealand brand. It went into receivership and subsequently liquidation in 2001.


Ansett New Zealand was the result of Ansett Australia's desire to expand into the New Zealand market, enabled by the relaxation of regulation in the aviation sector by the fourth Labour government.[1] Ansett Australia formed a partnership with two New Zealand companies, Brierley Investments and Newmans, the latter being a tourism company which owned the unprofitable Newmans Air.[1] Newmans Air formed the basis for a new expanded airline, the company being Bilmans Management Ltd, operating as Ansett New Zealand. Half its shares (the maximum allowed for a foreign company) were owned by Ansett Australia, with Brierley holding 27.5% and Newmans holding 22.5%.[1] Subsequently, regulations were relaxed still further, and Ansett Australia took full ownership.[1]

Operations started in 1987 with 3 Boeing 737-100 aircraft between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The ex Newmans Air Dash-7s were used on tourist routes Between Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Mount Cook and Queenstown. The old and noisy Boeing 737 aircraft were replaced with new and quieter BAE-146 known as "Whisper Jets". Routes were extended to Dunedin and Invercargill. Also the old Dash-7s were replaced with the much more fuel efficient Dash-8. By the year 2000 the fleet had risen to 8 Bae-146s (1 a quick change version to convert to freighter operations) and 5 Dash-8s.

In 1996, Air New Zealand made a bid to purchase half of Ansett Australia, after an open skies agreement for the former to fly within Australia was abruptly withdrawn. Anti-monopoly regulators did not want Air New Zealand to gain control of Ansett's operations in New Zealand, however, and it was therefore required that the two Ansett airlines would be separated. Ansett Australia would be owned by Air New Zealand and (until it was bought out) Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, while Ansett New Zealand would be owned by News Corporation exclusively.

In 2000, News Corporation sold Ansett New Zealand to a company called Tasman Pacific Airlines, formed by a group of New Zealand investors. Shortly afterwards, the company became a franchise of Qantas, operating under the Qantas New Zealand brand.[2] The following year, however, the airline went into liquidation.[3] (Qantas's later involvement in the New Zealand domestic market was unrelated and not through a franchise agreement).



Prior to the suspension of domestic passenger services, the airline (as at January 2001) operated services to the following scheduled destinations:[4]

Destination Country IATA ICAO Airport Start End Status
Auckland New Zealand AKL NZAA Auckland International Airport Terminated
Blenheim New Zealand BHE NZWB Woodbourne Airport Terminated
Christchurch New Zealand CHC NZCH Christchurch International Airport Terminated
Dunedin New Zealand DUD NZDN Dunedin International Airport Terminated
Hamilton New Zealand HLZ NZHN Hamilton Airport Terminated
Invercargill New Zealand IVC NZNV Invercargill Airport Terminated
Milford Sound New Zealand WRE NZMF Milford Sound Airport Terminated
Nelson New Zealand NSN NZNS Nelson Airport Terminated
Palmerston North New Zealand PMR NZPM Palmerston North International Airport Terminated
Queenstown New Zealand ZQN NZQN Queenstown Airport Terminated
Rotorua New Zealand ROT NZRO Rotorua Regional Airport Terminated
Ta Anau New Zealand TEU NZMO Te Anau Airport Terminated
Whakatane New Zealand WHK NZWK Whakatane Airport Terminated
Whangarei New Zealand WRE NZWR Whangarei Airport Terminated
Wellington New Zealand WLG NZWN Wellington International Airport Terminated


Ansett New Zealand's first accident involved a BAe 146-200 that ran off the end of the runway at Queenstown Airport on 28 April 1990. However the aircraft only suffered minor damage. Ansett New Zealand Flight 703 was an Ansett New Zealand scheduled passenger transport flight from Auckland Airport to Palmerston North. On 9 June 1995, the Dash 8 aircraft flying this route crashed west of the Tararua Ranges and 16 km east of Palmerston North airport, during an instrument approach in bad weather. The aircraft was carrying 18 passengers and three crew members. All passengers were New Zealand citizens except for a single United States citizen. The flight attendant and three passengers died as a result of the crash.

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