Ansgar von Lahnstein

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Ansgar von Lahnstein
Wolfram Grandezka as Ansgar von Lahnstein
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Wolfram Grandezka
Duration 2004-2015
First appearance Episode 2142
22 January 2004
Last appearance Episode 4664
26 June 2015
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Businessman
Home Königsbrunn Castle
Düsseldorf, Germany

Ansgar Eduard Johannes von Lahnstein is a fictional character of the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character is portrayed by actor Wolfram Grandezka, who premiered in the role on 22 January 2004.[1]

In 2012, Grandezka won the German Soap Award for "Best Actor" for his role as Ansgar.[2]



Over the years, the role is identified as a classical macho-type character. He's known as a charismatic bad boy, who enjoys power, women and cigars. The character of Ansgar is shown as a ruthless businessman and is sometimes even compared to J.R. Ewing. Ansgar believes it's his birthright to inherit the estate of the Lahnstein family, and he'll go to as many links as possible to get his rightful place.

Ansgar's more softened side is shown when he becomes a father for the very first time. He cares deeply for his children and sees himself as a protector of their legacy. Ansgar also sees the needs of his children before his own.

In his love life, Ansgar is portrayed as someone who can fall in love deeply even trying to change his shady ways for the woman he loves. He eventually would put his power-hungry-self though. If Ansgar feels betrayed by someone he loves, he seeks for revenge no matter what. His arrogance and ruthlessness cost him many friendships and romantic relationships.


The role of Ansgar has become very popular among fans. Over the years, the character has created various relationships with a huge following. He proved most popular with his first wife, Nathalie Käppler, and later his cousin's wife, Lydia Brandner. The character was also named as being "the last real man on television". The popularity of Ansgar and his unique character have made him to a very important character to Verbotene Liebe.



Ansgar is the first-born son of Johannes von Lahnstein. His mother is Maria di Balbi, who has an affair with Johannes before he falls for her sister Francesca and marries her. Maria can't bare the thought of Johannes being with another woman and tries to kill him. She doesn't succeed but is committed to a mental hospital instead. Francesca decides to take care of the child Maria is expecting and names the boy Ansgar. Johannes, even though he loves Ansgar in his own way, has trouble bonding to his son. Ansgar feels the resentment of his father, while Francesca tries her best to be a good mother. Ansgar and Francesca have a close relationship. When she tragically dies in a car accident, Ansgar is heartbroken. He becomes more vicious against his own family. A part of him wants to prove himself to Johannes, while another wants to show him that he's even better than he is. After the death of Francesca, Ansgar spends a couple of years in Singapore, managing the foreign business of the family-owned Lahnstein Bank.


Ansgar comes back to his family's estate when Johannes is about to remarry.[3] Ansgar and his sister Carla are suspicious of Johannes fiancée, the much younger Cécile de Maron. As the confront Cécile with a prenup, Johannes is furious with both of his children.[4] Johannes doesn't want Cécile to sign anything. But fearing the peace in the family, Cécile signs the prenup in front of Ansgar and Carla. Ansgar withdraws satisfied, after he was able to protect his legacy.[5] Soon after he finds out about the financial problems of the media corporation, Beyenbach AllMedia. He plans a take over and uses a vulnerability of the company to do so. With the take over the Lahnsteins also become owners of the Beyenbach AllMedia subsidiary, Ryan Cosmetics. Ansgar has no use for the company and plans to sell it. His half-sister Nico tries prevent that from happening as the company was previously owned by Nico's aunt Elisabeth Brandner. But Johannes trusts Ansgar's instinct and Elisabeth loses her lifetime achievement because of him.

As Carla surprisingly announces her engagement to Bernd von Beyenbach, he tries to become the new CEO of Beyenbach AllMedia. But Carla instead gives him an executive position at the Lahnstein Bank, where he has to work together with Ansgar. He isn't very founded of his soon-to-be brother-in-law and wants to keep Bernd out of his activities. Bernd wants to be back on top and tries to get Ansgar in on a lucrative business deal. Ansgar sees a good business opportunity but wants Bernd to invest a million Euro in the project. As Bernd can't bring up the money he decides to have Carla kidnapped instead. Ansgar plans to not pass on the deal and wants an old business partner from Singapore, Donald Rush, to invest, who suggests to finance the project with illegal money. Ansgar eventually agrees and Rush appoints Tanja von Anstetten. Ansgar soon has to realizes that Tanja is well known in Düsseldorf and was declared dead after a plane crash three years ago. He finds himself fascinated by her appearance. As Tanja realizes that Ansgar plays in the same league, the two become lovers.

Ansgar lets Bernd manage the project who believes to be finally at the top of the business world. Bernd soon as to find out that Ansgar and Tanja laundering money through the project and is crushed. Bernd tries to get out but Ansgar blackmails him with his knowledge about Carla's kidnapping. Bernd has no choice and becomes part of Ansgar and Tanja's game. Finally Sylvia Jones finds out about Ansgar's scheming and tells Johannes about it. Johannes is furious with his son and fires Ansgar from his position. Ansgar's hate towards his father rises, but finds himself caught up in one of Tanja's messes. Donald Rush ends up end and Bernd is arrested for his murder. But when Sylvia can give him an alibi at his trial, Ansgar fears that the police might suspect him. Ansgar and Bernd become allies and believe that Tanja murdered Rush. As they are about to get closer to the truth another dead body appears, while Tanja finds out that she's expecting Ansgar's child. Tanja wants to use her unborn baby as leverage against Ansgar. When he finds out about Tanja's pregnancy, he wants her to have an abortion. But it's already too late. Ansgar forces Tanja to stay in a rented house. Tanja eventually can escape with Ansgar's unborn son.


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