Anshupa Lake

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Anshupa Lake
ଅଂଶୁପା ହ୍ରଦ
Anshupa Lake BhubaneswarMe.jpg
Anshupa lake
LocationBanki, Cuttack district, Odisha
Coordinates20°27′33″N 85°36′13″E / 20.459142°N 85.603709°E / 20.459142; 85.603709Coordinates: 20°27′33″N 85°36′13″E / 20.459142°N 85.603709°E / 20.459142; 85.603709
TypeFreshwater Lake
Basin countriesIndia
Max. length5 km (3.1 mi)
Max. width1.6 km (0.99 mi)
Surface area141 ha (350 acres)
Surface elevationSurrounded by Saranda Hills

The 141-hectare Ansupa Lake (Odia: ଅଂଶୁପା ହ୍ରଦ) is a horseshoe shaped fresh water lake on the left bank of the Mahanadi river, opposite Banki in Cuttack district, Odisha, India. Ansupa Lake in Banki is 40 km from the city of Cuttack, which also acts as a shelter for the migratory birds in the wintry weather season. It is a fresh water lake situated amidst the Saranda Hills and enclosed by bamboo tree greenery and mango trees. To visitor's delight, there is boating and fishing facilities in the Ansupa Lake.[1]

This small but extremely picturesque Ansupa lake holds a prominent position in the tourist map of Odisha for its beauty, proximity This eye-catching tourist attraction is about 50 km from Bhubaneshwar. The Govt. of Odisha has taken a giant step to make this lake as one of the Odisha's most popular tourist place. A state highway is now passing by this lake, that connects Athgarh and Banki. Some bamboo cottages are made on the top of Saranda hill for tourist refreshments.

It is one of the major fresh-water lakes of India.


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