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Anson Holzer is an outsider large-canvas artist living and working in Washington, DC.

His work has been likened to that of artists of the Color Field school that originated in DC in the 1950s.

Holzer's palette is tightly controlled and exhibits a very precise use of color, contrasting almost monochromatic textural backgrounds against precise, often explosive, foreground elements. His work bears a strong Buddhist influence and frequently centers on meditative, abstract or primal themes. He developed his unique style while studying in Taipei, Taiwan and continues to works mainly with ink on canvas.

Holzer has actively shunned the mainstream art scene, avoiding media attention and rarely granting interviews. Despite his reclusive nature he has sold hundreds of canvases and commissions throughout the United States and around the world[1]

He continues to exhibit his work in small niches, and in more anonymous and unconventional settings.

His mother Mary Hannah Boynton-Bernardo is a painter and illustrator.

He is a native of Morrisville, Vermont.[1]