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AnswerNet, formerly AnswerNet Network, was established in 1998.[1] With its headquarters in Willow Grove, PA, AnswerNet operates over 25 call centers across North America, providing outsourced call center services to over 15,000 clients nationwide.

Legally, AnswerNet is not a company, but instead is a brand name that enables several interconnected companies (with common ownership) to function as one call center provider under the AnswerNet name.

AnswerNet Companies[edit]

As of January 2016, the AnswerNet companies are:

  • New AnswerNet, Inc
  • New Taction, Inc.
  • AnswerNet, Inc.
  • New Exchange Network LLC (now part of Cerida)
  • Cerida Investment Corp.
  • TelePartners Call Centre, Inc.
  • Integrated Messaging, Inc.
  • Contact America Acquisition, LLC (now part of Cerida)
  • Call Center Services, Inc. (Now part of Cerida)


One of AnswerNet’s call centers was used for a project on a 2005 episode of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, although all footage of the center was cut from the aired version of the show.[2]