Anta Thermal Power Station

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Anta TPS
Anta Thermal Power Station is located in Rajasthan
Anta Thermal Power Station
Location of Anta Thermal Power Station
Country India
Location Antah, Baran district, Rajasthan
Coordinates 25°11′2″N 76°19′10″E / 25.18389°N 76.31944°E / 25.18389; 76.31944Coordinates: 25°11′2″N 76°19′10″E / 25.18389°N 76.31944°E / 25.18389; 76.31944
Status Operational
Owner(s) NTPC
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Cooling source Chambal River
Power generation
Units operational 3 × 89 MW
1 × 153 MW
Nameplate capacity 420 MW

NTPC Anta is a natural gas-fired power station located in Baran district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the power plants of NTPC. The gas for it is sourced from GAIL HBJ Pipeline - South Basin Gas field, and its source of water is the Chambal River.


Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning GT / ST
1st 1 88.7 1989 january GT
1st 2 88.7 1989 march GT
1st 3 88.7 1989 may GT
1st 4 153.2 1990 march ST
Total Four 419.3