Antanas Žmuidzinavičius

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Antanas Žmuidzinavičius
Born(1876-10-31)October 31, 1876
DiedAugust 9, 1966(1966-08-09) (aged 89)
MovementFirst Exhibition of Lithuanian Art
Vilnius Art Society

Antanas Žmuidzinavičius (October 31, 1876 – August 9, 1966) was a Lithuanian painter and art collector. Sometimes he used Antanas Žemaitis ("Samogitian" - a loose translation of his surname into Lithuanian) as his pen name.


Žmuidzinavičius was born in Seirijai. In 1894 he graduated from Veiveriai Teachers' Seminary. From 1899 studied at various European universities. Later Žmuidzinavičius delivered lectures about Lithuania. Together with Lithuanian painter and composer M.K. Čiurlionis and other prominent Lithuanians organized the First Exhibition of Lithuanian Art at Petras Vileišis house.

Antanas Žmuidzinavičius

In December 1907, he established the Vilnius Art Society with Bolesław Bałzukiewicz (1879–1935), Stanisław Filibert Fleury (1858–1915), Sofija Gimbutaitė (1869–1911), Lev Antokolski (1872–1942), Ivan Rybakov, and Hjalmar Ganson (1864–?). Between 1926 and 1940 he taught drawing in Kaunas, and in 1947 Žmuidzinavičius became a professor. Among his most famous paintings are Gavo laišką (Received a Letter, 1904), Paskutiniai spinduliai (Last Rays, 1908), Estijos peizažas (Landscape of Estonia, 1929).

Antanas Žmuidzinavičius died in Kaunas in 1966 and was buried in Petrašiūnai Cemetery, Kaunas. Žmuidzinavičius Museum was established in his former house.


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