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Antarvedi temple on the banks of Godavari
Antarvedi temple on the banks of Godavari
Antarvedi is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 16°20′00″N 81°44′00″E / 16.3333°N 81.7333°E / 16.3333; 81.7333Coordinates: 16°20′00″N 81°44′00″E / 16.3333°N 81.7333°E / 16.3333; 81.7333
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District East Godavari
Elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Antarvedi Beach view

Antarvedi is a village in the Sakhinetipalle mandal, or tehsil, located in the East Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. The village is situated at the place where the Bay of Bengal and Vashista Godavari, a tributary of the Godavari River, meet.[1]

Antarvedi was named in honour of the Lord as "Narasimhakshetra".[2]


Antarvedi, in terms of geographical surface area, covers about 4 square miles (6.4 km).[2] The village contains the widely revered Lord Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple, located opposite Vasishta Godavari, and it is said that Antarvedi is "the second Varanasi by the grace of the Lord."[2] A launch pad allows visitors to land on the small island at the other side of the Godavari River - from this point, travel can then be undertaken to the convergence point of the river and the ocean.[1]


Antarvedi is located at 16°20′00″N 81°44′00″E / 16.3333°N 81.7333°E / 16.3333; 81.7333,[3] and is close to being at sea level. According to Dr. Trinadharaju Rudraraju, layout of the temple complex has great significance with the geometry of the delta itself and more to be studied in terms of current and force of the confluence at the location.

Religious fair[edit]

The area's religious fair is held on Bheeshma Ekadasi, which is held in January or February. Today the Delta of Godavari and the Bay of Bengal along with the surrounding forests are subject to negligance. Youth deliberately pollutes the area by leaving behing plastic cups, alcohol bottles along with other garbage. Supported by the older generation, police does not take any action against the offenders. For example the entire forest next to the beautiful beach is covered with colourful trash and cement garbage. The respect to the sacred place has been lost according to temple elders. Government does not support any educational or cleansing programmes. The only interest modern politicians have is selling cement in the name of development and care for the people. It is a time for reflection in times when money rule the minds and attitudes of religion.

Roadway and waterway[edit]

There are three ways that one can travel to Antarvedi. Steam launches are run on the River Godavari Vasistha from Narsapur Ferry. Alternatively, one can cross the river at Narsapur riding on the ferry, upon reaching Sakhinetipalli and from there start for Antervedi by road. The third option is to cross the Chinchinada river using the newly built bridge, travelling from Narsapur on the Palakol Road until Digamarru and turn for the bridge, which brings you to the East Godavari District. Then proceed to Antervedi by road.

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