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Ante Dabro at work in his studio at Canberra Airport, 2011. Behind (L-R) are the full sized models for "Genesis", "Resilience", the unassembled pieces of "Mother and Child", and his Australian Silky Terrier, Chico.

Ante Dabro (born 13 January 1938, Čavoglave, Croatia) is a Croatian-born Australian artist/sculptor and art teacher who has lived and worked in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory since the late 1960s.

Dabro's sculptures are typified by angular form; many are nudes and bronzes. His work is said to embody universal themes, "suffering, hope, sexuality, heroism, spirituality" but also silently acknowledge the 'outsider'.[1]

Principal works[edit]

A selection of Dabro's works are listed:


Staircase thefts[edit]

On the Staircase is a group of four stylised male figures, progressively smaller as they are further up a staircase of diminishing size, all in bronze. The figures are each reading a book. It cost $80,000. After it was again vandalised,[6] in the local media it was attributed to Ante Dabro.[7] Yet, it had been attributed correctly weeks earlier by another outlet to Danish artist, Keld Moseholm[8] Dabro was quoted in local media, as being upset to the vandalism of art, perhaps adding to the confusion among the media. The smallest figure was removed on 8 December 2013, with the act visible on footage from a CCTV camera, with two women shown shortly before the theft. After the publicity, on the following day the figure was turned into a local ACT Police station.


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