Antelope Hill, Arizona

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The north end of Antelope Hill, adjacent the Gila River in the Lower Gila River Valley.

Antelope Hill, formerly Antelope Peak, is a summit, at an elevation of 804 feet, near the Gila River in Yuma County, Arizona.[1]

Antelope Peak was a landmark for travelers on the trails and roads along the course of the Gila River in previous centuries. It was a location of a camp and watering place on the Southern Emigrant Trail, it was nearby the site of the Butterfield Overland Mail, Antelope Peak Station, a later stagecoach station located 15.14 miles east of Mission Camp, which replaced its older Filibusters Camp stage station.[2][3]


Coordinates: 32°42′14″N 114°00′57″W / 32.70389°N 114.01583°W / 32.70389; -114.01583