Antelope air defence system

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Antelope air defense system

The Antelope air defense system (捷羚防空飛彈系統) is a tactical ground-to-air anti-aircraft defense system used by the Republic of China Army in Taiwan. It employs a battery of four Tien Chien-I missiles mounted on atop a wheeled vehicle (such as a truck or humvee).[1]

The Antelope system collectively includes targeting, guidance, communications components as well as the missiles themselves. It was developed beginning in 1995 as an outgrowth of the Tien Chien-I missile development program.[1] The precise operating range of the Antelope system is variously reported as 9 km,[2] 18 km,[1] and "4 miles".[3]

The Antelope system employs infrared guidance, and is similar in design to the United States-made Chaparral system.[3] It can be used to intercept low-flying helicopters, fighter aircraft, attack aircraft, and bombers.[4]


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