Antenna (film)

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Directed by Adriaan Ditvoorst
Release date
  • 1969 (1969)
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Antenna is a 1970 Dutch film directed by Adriaan Ditvoorst.

In this film was humorously parodied the hippie community. The story is about Aquarius, an eccentric lone artist who with a self-constructed smoothly over the Scheldt navigation. En route he comes on to a Catholic monastery in which conservative nuns hold sway. Within the monastery is a strict dictatorship, sex education does not exist and the freedom of the individual should succumb under the yoke of the faith.

The monastery also lives In the 18-year-old Antenna, which all her lifelong dreams of a life full of freedom outside the walls of the monastery. In Aquarius will see them however her rescue. Together with him she decides to flee, early morning sail them with their raft the River, on the way to a future of freedom and being together. While the raft in the fog disappears, there comes all of a sudden the next scene, we see a lonely hippie (which has of Jesus Christ) who lives on a farm. One day he draws as a kind of Prophet with his car in the country in order to proclaim the good news to everyone. He wants to love and bring peace to all and this he does by hand out free weed. The film ends in Amsterdam where the "drugsmessias" the Amsterdam rock temple Paradiso enter. Sit here between the hippie commune also Aquarius and Antenna.

Antenna gives a portrait of 1970s. The film is a typical work of Ditvoorst: freedom of the individual, the longing for a utopia which is not true, the lonely and misunderstood artist, the aversion against the State, bureaucracy and religious authorities, absurd characters etc. The film has little dialogue and is largely told through the images of cameraman Jan de Bont


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