Anterior atlantooccipital membrane

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Anterior atlantooccipital membrane
Anterior atlantooccipital membrane and atlantoaxial ligament
LatinMembrana atlantooccipitalis anterior
Anatomical terminology

The anterior atlantooccipital membrane (anterior atlantooccipital ligament) is broad and composed of densely woven fibers, which pass between the anterior margin of the foramen magnum above, and the upper border of the anterior arch of the atlas below.

A: Anterior atlantooccipital membrane

Laterally, it is continuous with the articular capsules.

In front, it is strengthened in the middle line by a strong, rounded cord, which connects the basilar part of the occipital bone to the tubercle on the anterior arch of the atlas.

This membrane is in relation in front with the rectus capitis anterior muscles, behind with the alar ligaments.


This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 295 of the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918)

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