Anterior tibial artery

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Anterior tibial artery
Anterior tibial artery.png
Sourcepopliteal artery
Branchespost. tibial recurrent
ant. tibial recurrent
musc. branches
ant. medial malleolar
ant. lateral malleolar
dorsalis pedis
Veinanterior tibial vein
Suppliesanterior compartment of the leg
Latinarteria tibialis anterior
Anatomical terminology

The anterior tibial artery is an artery of the leg. It carries blood to the anterior compartment of the leg and dorsal surface of the foot, from the popliteal artery.


Back of left lower extremity, showing origin of anterior tibial artery before it continues on the anterior side.


The anterior tibial artery is a branch of the popliteal artery.[1] It originates at the distal end of the popliteus muscle posterior to the tibia. The artery typically passes anterior to the popliteus muscle prior to passing between the tibia and fibula through an oval opening at the superior aspect of the interosseus membrane. The artery then descends between the tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum longus muscles.

It is accompanied by the anterior tibial vein, and the deep peroneal nerve, along its course.

It crosses the anterior aspect of the ankle joint, at which point it becomes the dorsalis pedis artery.


The branches of the anterior tibial artery are:

Clinical significance[edit]

As the artery passes medial to the fibular neck, it becomes vulnerable to damage during a tibial osteotomy.

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