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Antero Alli is a professional astrologer who has authored books on experimental theatre, astrology and Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of consciousness. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he conducts workshops and stages theatrical productions, some of which have been released as films.

Film and theatrical work[edit]

Alli was born on November 11, 1952, in Finland. He calls his work in experimental theatre paratheatre, a term borrowed from the writings of Jerzy Grotowski.[1] He conducted private paratheatrical workshops in the Bay Area (1977–83 and 1996–2015), some of which evolved into public productions and provided the material for his films.[2] In late 2015, he relocated to Portland to continue his work.[3]

Between 1976 and 1999, Alli wrote and directed a series of plays exploring mystical themes: Circles (1976), Coronation at Stillnight (1977), The Conjunction (1978), Chapel Perilous (1983), Animamundi (1989), and Hungry Ghosts of Albion (1999). Between 1992 and 2002 Alli co-curated the Nomad Film Festival, a Pacific coast touring venue featuring short experimental films and videos.[4] After 1993, he focused on underground feature-length art films with mystical themes, such as The Oracle (1993), The Drivetime (1995), Tragos (2001), Hysteria (2002), Under a Shipwrecked Moon (2003), and The Greater Circulation (2005), a cinematic treatment of Rainer Maria Rilke's Requiem For a Friend.[5] In 2015, he stopped making feature films to return full-time to creating intermedia ritual-based theatre works such as Turbulence of Muses (2016), Bardoville (2017), and Soror Mystica (2017).[6]


Alli's books span a number of subjects, but all share common themes with his paratheatrical efforts: archetypes, personal mythology and the use of ritual to transform consciousness. Like his colleague Rob Brezsny, Alli proposes a free will approach to astrology, which provides clients with information to make decisions rather than deterministic predictions; in his introduction to Astrologik, Brezsny calls Alli's approach "a rowdy and iridescent system of astrology that liberates and never ensnares."[7] In Towards an Archaeology of the Soul (2003), Alli presents a detailed account of the theories and processes that go into his own paratheatrical creations.

In 1991–1995, Alli was editor/publisher of Talking Raven Quarterly, a Seattle-based literary journal featuring the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, Hakim Bey, and Brezsny, among others.[8][9]

In 2006, Alli taught a course on his book AngelTech at Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic Academy.[10]


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  • Requiem for a Friend (1991; 40 min)
  • Archaic Community (1992; 80 min) a paratheatre video document
  • The Drivetime (1995; 88 min)
  • The Oracle (1993; 70 min)
  • Lily in Limbo (1996; 27 min)
  • Tragos: A Cyber-Noir Witch Hunt (2000; 105 min)
  • Roadkill (2001; 27 min)
  • Hysteria (2002; 83 min)
  • Under a Shipwrecked Moon (2003; 96 min)
  • Orphans of Delirium (2004; 82 min) a paratheatre video document
  • The Greater Circulation (2005; 93 min)
  • The Mind is a Liar and a Whore (2007; 92 min)
  • The Invisible Forest (2008; 111 min.)
  • To Dream of Falling Upwards (2011; 125 min)
  • Flamingos (2012; 90 min)
  • dreambody/earthbody (2012; 80 min) a paratheatre video document
  • The Book of Jane (2013; 117 min)
  • Sylvani (2015-2021; 83 min)
  • The Vanishing Field (2020; 72 min)
  • The Alchemy of Sulphur (2021; 109 min)

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