Antevs Glacier

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Antevs Glacier
North Heim Gladier
Location of Arrowsmith Peninsula on Graham Coast, Antarctic Peninsula
Map showing the location of Antevs Glacier
Map showing the location of Antevs Glacier
Location of Antevs Glacier in Antarctica
LocationGraham Land
Coordinates67°19′S 66°49′W / 67.317°S 66.817°W / -67.317; -66.817
Highest elevation163 m (535 ft)
TerminusMuller Ice Shelf

Antevs Glacier (67°19′S 66°49′W / 67.317°S 66.817°W / -67.317; -66.817Coordinates: 67°19′S 66°49′W / 67.317°S 66.817°W / -67.317; -66.817), also known as North Heim Glacier, is a glacier on Arrowsmith Peninsula, Graham Land, flowing north between Seue Peaks and Boyle Mountains into Muller Ice Shelf, Lallemand Fjord. It was named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1960 after Ernst V. Antevs, American glacial geologist.

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