Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules

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Anthar the Invincible
Original film poster
Directed by Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson)
Produced by Luigi Nannerini
Written by Guido Malatesta
Arturo Rígel
André Tabet
Starring See below
Music by Georges Garvarentz
Cinematography Alejandro Ulloa
Edited by Otello Colangeli
Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa
Release date
  • 1964 (1964)
Running time
114 minutes
93 minutes (USA)
Country Italy, Spain, France
Language Italian

Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules , originally known as Anthar l'invincibile (Anthar the Invincible) and Soraya Reina Del Desierto ( Soraya, Queen of the Desert) is a 1964 Italian/French/Spanish international co-production filmed in Algeria and directed by Antonio Margheriti.

Plot summary[edit]

An evil and ambitious usurper named Ganor seizes a kingdom by assassinating the Sultan and imprisoning his son Prince Daikor and daughter Princess Soraya to prevent revolt. Princess Soraya is defiant and escapes by leaping out the palace window into a river. She is discovered by a pair of peasants Anthar and the mute Aimu who become her protectors, and later rescuers and avengers against Ganor.

The film concludes in a showdown in a hall of mirrors.


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