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Anthology Recordings was born in 2004 from Keith Abrahamsson's desire to digitize and actualize rare albums beyond their physical - and oft impossible to find - format. Earning praise from press (NPR, Wired, CNN) and hardcore seekers alike, Anthology procured hundreds of records under the mantra ″nothing too obscure,″ tirelessly proselytizing until Abrahamsson's archival efforts went on hiatus in 2010.

Anthology Recordings auspiciously relaunched in 2014 as Mexican Summer's reissue imprint serving vinyl and formats unforeseen. Our ambition is to explore the scope of our musical heritage without limitation to genre or form. Tasked with this mission, Anthology Recordings works to elevate the reissue practice through responsibly sourced material, compelling design, and high-quality packaging.

In 2016, in partnership with Boo-Hooray, Anthology Editions was established to uncover and fashion cultural narratives as books, music collections, online experiences, and exhibitions. Stories of every caliber and color communicate and resonate within the new canon Anthology Editions seeks to establish.[1]

Artists and albums that have been or will be reissued by Anthology Recordings include:

Books and that have been published thus far by Anthology Editions include:[2]


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