Anthon Berg

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Anthon Berg
Privately held company
Industry Confectionery production
Founded 1884
Founder Anthon Berg
Gustav Anthon Berg
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Area served
Products Chocolates
Parent Toms International

Anthon Berg was a famous Danish chocolatier and the name of a corporate division within Toms International.

Anthon, was originally a Copenhagen green grocer and later with his son, Gustav Anthon, created a premium chocolate line with a loyal customer base composed of the upper middle class and upper class of Danish society. The company was founded in 1884. “For half a century, Anthon Berg has borne the distinguished title ‘Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court.’”. The company has an estimated market cap of around $600 million. Today majority owned by the Anthon family and managed by Toms International.


Cocoa began being known in Denmark around the 18th century. For years it was seen mostly as a pharmaceutical product. In fact the most famous Danish founders of the chocolate houses, Toms, Trojel and Meyer, were all pharmacists. [1]

In the 18th century, chocolate was becoming increasingly popular across Europe. Inspired by this, and by the fact that marzipan was already a coveted delicacy in Denmark, Danish green grocer, Anthon Berg, decided to try his hand at making marzipan. [2]

With his own name as a trademark, Anthon Berg created a crafts shop on the Old Strand in Copenhagen. In 1884 he bought a confectionery business, and with his son Gustav Berg as assistant, they began producing filled dessert chocolates.[3][better source needed]

The Marzipan was made by Anthon Berg with the idea of appeasing queuing and waiting customers, to sweeten their mood as they stood in line. In 1898 it was put into production as an independent product.[3]

In 1901, Anthon's son, Gustav, took over the business and increased production steadily, making it a nationwide business with approximately 200 employees. [3]

In 1938 when Gustav Berg passed away, Kai Berg became director. [3]

In 1954, Toms (Victor B. Strand) bought the company, which was at this time in Teglværksgade on Østerbro. In 1962, the entire production was collected at Toms' plant in Ballerup, designed by Arne Jacobsen.[3]

The title "Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court" was awarded to Anthon Berg in 1957.[3]


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