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Anthony Bowling
Anthony Wesley Bowling
OccupationVoice actor
Years active1997–present
Spouse(s)Noa Gavin

Anthony Wesley Bowling is an American voice actor and director who has provided voices and directed for English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series at Funimation. Some of his major roles include Ukyo in Samurai 7, Shiro Ashiya / Alciel in The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Shin Fukuhara in Baka and Test, Orito in Is This a Zombie?, Aoi Torisaki in Absolute Duo, and Junichiro Kagami, the title character in Ultimate Otaku Teacher.

Personal life[edit]

Bowling is married to Noa Gavin.[1]


List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Notes Source
Hetalia: The Beautiful World New Zealand [2]
2013 The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Shiro Ashiya / Alciel [3]
Ping Pong the Animation Manabu Sakuma / Demon [4]
2012 Is This a Zombie? series Orito [5]
Ultimate Otaku Teacher Junichiro Kagami [6]
Toriko Gido [7]
2011-present Fairy Tail Yuka Suzuki [8]
2014 Red Data Girl Shibata
2015 Absolute Duo Aoi "Tora" Torasaki [9]
My Bride Is a Mermaid Hideyoshi "Chimp" Sarutobi [9]
2016 Maken-ki! Kengo Usui season 2, replaced Scott Freeman [10]
2017 Tsuredure Children Takuro Sugawara [11]
2018 Dragon Ball Super Ag, Roselle [12]
2019 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Beets [citation needed]
2019 Nichijo Sakamoto [citation needed]
2019 Isekai Quartet Vanir [citation needed]


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