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Anthony Campbell, M.D., is a retired British physician, homeopath, acupuncturist and author.

He was a consultant physician at The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital until he retired in 1998,[1] and for many years was the editor of the British Homoeopathic Journal (now Homeopathy), the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy.[2]

Nonetheless, he is a skeptic about much of alternative medicine.[3] Although a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy who advises that a great many patients have found benefit from homeopathy, Campbell considers that its claimed benefits may be due to the placebo response and other factors unconnected with the medicines themselves,[4] such as the consultation acting as a form of psychotherapy with a sympathetic listener.[5] He is regularly quoted in discussions of homeopathy as a practitioner and skeptic.

His books on acupuncture are recommended as appropriate reading material for newly trained members of The British Medical Acupuncture Society.[6]


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  • Acupuncture in Practice: Beyond points and meridians. Butterworth-Heinemann (2001).
  • Back: Your 100 questions answered. Newleaf (2001)
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  • Homeopathy in perspective. Lulu Enterprises (2008)


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