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Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux
Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux, Geneva, 2011
Background information
Native name
Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux
Also known asTony Snake
Born (1977-04-27) 27 April 1977 (age 42)
Geneva, Switzerland
GenresFilm music, Electronic, Experimental, Pop
Occupation(s)Soundtrack composer, music video director
LabelsPlombage Records

Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux, (born April 27, 1977 in Geneva, Switzerland,[1] is a multi-instrumentalist composer. He is the founder of Plombage Records and also produce his own movies.[2][3]

With his unique sounding music, Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux has been many times introduced as an "ovni",[4] a "musical autist"[5] of cinematography and electronic music [6][7] by the fact that he writes, plays, records, mixes and masters himself all his compositions in his studio saturated with curious and rare musical instruments of all ethnicities,[8][9] synthesizers, organs and old analog tape recorders.[10][11][12]


At the age of seven, Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux falls on his uncle's old synthesizer Roland. That day, he discovers a great fascination for sounds. His mother, in response to this love, subscribes him to the Geneva Conservatory.

The boy continued to compose by himself with his synthesizer, other instruments and tape recorder. These first devices allowed him to work his music in his studio.

He built, in 1991, a rock formation. The meetings are linked, especially with a band, Desdemona, for which he composed and performed as a drummer at concerts in first parts of groups Dionysos (French band) and Astonvilla (French bands).[1]

In the 2000s, he created his own label, Plombage Records, while composing under the name "Tony Snake" pseudonym to honor his herpetologist deceased father,[13] an electronic music project revealed in the albums : Rendez-vous chez le dentiste and Foufounes Alkantara mastered by the Björk and Daft Punk London's engineer "Nilesh Patel",[14][15] and a remix for Detroit Grand Pubahs,[16][17] delivering performances in places such "La Java"[18] and Chez Régine[19] in Paris.

In 2010, Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux comes back in his old love, privileging his music with machines such as tape recorders, Minimoog, Mellotron, Crumar, Farfisa, Solina, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes piano, old drum machines, and instruments of all ethnicities or even atonal like Waterphone.[20]

Then, he released the album La Bobine Magique ; supported in Parisian magazines Trax and Technikart.

In December 2011, Anthony Cedric composed music for video by photographer Régis Golay and La Compagnie 7273,[21] dancers and designers of Swatch watches "Climax", "Nil" et "Romance-S". Then won an award in 2012 at the Munich Film Festival.[22]

In April 2012, he released the album La Virago,[23] in which involved artists such as Alain Carre, Caroline Duris, Marion Devaud, Choral circle of Geneva and Sahoko Sakai.[24]

In 2014, Anthony Cedric works with François Corbier on the track Le Tango du maître chanteur released in Le Clan des guimauves album.[25]

In 2015, for the season 2015-2016, Anthony Cedric composes the official soundtrack of "La Comédie de Genève".[26]

In 2018, he is part of the jury of the Science Trophy of the University of Geneva. A title and a certificate of title of recognition are also awarded [27]


  • La Paranoïa (single, Plombage Records, 2019, Suisse)
  • L'enfance du Magnétiseur (ep, Plombage Records, 2018, Suisse)
  • Le Magnétiseur (album, Plombage Records, 2018, Switzerland)
  • Les Indicatifs De L'institution Genevoise (ep, Genève, 2016, Switzerland)
  • Le bal des faux frères (ep, Plombage Records, 2016, Switzerland)
  • Jingles 2015-2016 (album, Genève, 2015, Switzerland)
  • Le clan des guimauves (album, Plombage Records, 2014, Switzerland)
  • Le maître nageur (ep, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland)
  • Marisa (ep, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland)
  • La cougar (ep, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland)
  • L'uruguayenne et les poignards volants (single, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland)
  • Le sabreur fou (single, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland)
  • La virago (album, Plombage Records, 2012, Switzerland)
  • Mes machines me parlent (ep, Plombage Records, 2011, Switzerland)
  • La bobine magique (album, Plombage Records, 2010, Switzerland)
  • Souvenirs électroniques (mini album, Plombage Records, 2010, Switzerland)
Under « Tony Snake » project 
  • Cum Format (ep, Plombage Records, 2010, Suisse)
  • Karateka (ep, Plombage Records, 2010, Suisse)
  • Foufounes Alkantara (ep, Plombage Records, 2009, Suisse)
  • Rendez-vous chez le dentiste (album, Plombage Records, 2008, Suisse)
  • o (single, Plombage Records, 2007, Suisse)

Productions and cinematographic directions[edit]

  • Tears (Music video, Angels Dust, Plombage Records, 2017, USA - Switzerland)
  • Giallo (Music video, Drumetrics, Plombage Records, 2016, USA - Switzerland)
  • The fake brothers' bal (Le Bal Des Faux Frères) (short film, Plombage Records, 2015, Switzerland)
  • Born burglars (La Naissance Des Cambrioleurs) (short film, Plombage Records, 2015, Switzerland)
  • La mort de Naive (short film, Plombage Records, 2015, Switzerland)
  • L'enfant sirène (short film, Plombage Records, 2014, Switzerland[28])
  • Le maître nageur (short film, Plombage Records, 2014, Switzerland)
  • Marisa (short film, Plombage Records, 2013, Switzerland[29] )
  • Le sabreur fou (short film, Plombage Records, 2013, France)
  • Serpent à sonate (short film, Plombage Records, 2012, Switzerland [30])
  • La valse d'Andrée (short film, Plombage Records, 2012, France [31])
  • Longitude altitude solitude (Video illustration, Plombage Records, 2011, Switzerland)
  • 69 (short film, Plombage Records, 2010, Italie - Switzerland - USA)
  • Maybe i do (Music video, Detroit Grand Pubahs, 2010, Switzerland - USA) [32])



  • Best Music Video at the "Hollywood Horror Fest" for "Naïve's death".
  • Best Music Video at the "BscFest from Bucharest" for "Naïve's death".


  • Jury Sciences Trophy and Geneva Switzerland University Certificate.


  • Best music video at the "Hong Kong Arthouse film festival" for "Tears".
  • Winner Honorable mention at the "Los Angeles Film Awards" for "Tears".


  • Best music video at the "Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood" for "The fake brothers' bal (Le Bal Des Faux Frères)".
  • Best movie soundtrack at the "Moondance Film Festival" for "Born Burglars (La Naissance Des Cambrioleurs)".
  • Best music video at the "Moondance Film Festival" for "Born Burglars (La Naissance Des Cambrioleurs)".
  • Best music video at the "New York State International Film Festival" for "The fake brothers' bal (Le Bal Des Faux Frères)".
  • Platinum Award best cinematography at the "NYC Indie Film Awards" for "The fake brothers' bal (Le Bal Des Faux Frères)".
  • Award of recognition for the cinematography at the "Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival" for "The fake brothers' bal".
  • Award of recognition for the music video at the "Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival" for "The fake brothers' bal".
  • Silver Award at the "International Independent Film Festival" of Encino for "The fake brothers' bal (Le Bal Des Faux Frères)".[33]


  • RTS (Swiss Television Radio) Show "Plein le poste" January 2014[34].
  • Leman Bleu (Swiss Television) Show "Replay" June 2016[35].


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