Anthony Ichiro Sanda

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Anthony Ichiro Sanda
Born (1944-03-04) March 4, 1944 (age 76)
Alma materUniversity of Illinois
Princeton University
Known forCP violation
B meson decays
AwardsNishina Memorial Prize (2002)
Sakurai Prize (2004)
Scientific career
InstitutionsRockefeller University
Nagoya University
Kanagawa University
Doctoral advisorJohn H. Schwarz

Anthony Ichiro Sanda (三田 一郎, Sanda Ichirō, born March 4, 1944) is a Japanese-American particle physicist. Along with Ikaros Bigi, he was awarded the 2004 Sakurai Prize for his work on CP violation and B meson decays.[1]

Academic life[edit]

Sanda studied at the University of Illinois (B.S. 1965) and Princeton University (Ph.D. 1969). He was a researcher at Columbia University from 1971–1974 and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. From 1974-1992 he was an Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the Rockefeller University. From 1992 he was a professor of physics at the Nagoya University. Since 2006 he is a Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University and a Professor at Kanagawa University. Since 2007 he is also a Program Officer of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, University of Tokyo. His major works are the proposal of a renormalizable gauge fixing method in broken gauge symmetric theory and the development of the theory of CP violations in B meson decays that has proven the Kobayashi-Maskawa Theory and has given a strong motivation for the experiments in Belle at KEK, Japan and BaBar at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA as well as fixing the necessary parameters of the accelerators to perform the experiments.

Religious life[edit]

As a devout Roman Catholic, Sanda is an ordained permanent deacon at St. Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo. He is also the author of the book "As a Scientist, Why Do I Believe in God", which describes the relationship between physics and Christianity.

Honours and awards[edit]


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