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Anthony John Allen (born Anthony John Angel on 11 June 1934 in Torbay, Devon, died 8 August 2015) was a British man who, in a widely reported case, was convicted in 2002 of having murdered his wife and children in 1975.[1]


Allen had previously faked his own suicide in 1966 by "drowning" near Beachy Head, a popular spot for suicides in Britain. He was about to be prosecuted for a string of thefts and thought this would solve the problem. Instead of drowning, he swam around the coast and picked up some dry clothes he had stashed away earlier. He assumed a new identity, but this one wasn’t any more law-abiding than the first identity – he continued stealing, plus racked up more charges for bigamy and the murder of his wife and children.[1]

In 1992, Eunice Chapman Yabley, who had had an affair with Allen, published an autobiographical book, Presumed Dead, focusing on her relationship with Allen and the unsolved mystery. This led the case to be reopened eight years later in 2000. In the late 90s, Allen was appointed Manager of Cambridge Meridian Golf Club near the village of Comberton just outside Cambridge. Despite being pretty good at the job he embezzled money from the club and absconded when his misdeeds were uncovered. He was later found working at Ferndown Golf Club.


Allen died on 8 August 2015.[2]

Further reading[edit]

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