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Anthony Lister
Born 1979
Brisbane, Australia
Nationality Australian
Education Bachelor of Fine Arts, apprenticed under Max Gimblett (2002)
Known for Fine Art, Public art, Advocate for Freedom of Visual Speech
Notable work Ballerinas, Superheroes, Figurative works, Live Installation
Movement Fine Art, Lowbrow (art movement), Street Art

Anthony Lister (1979 – present) is a contemporary Australian-born painter and installation artist, best known for his merging of “high” and “low” cultural imagery in his work. He is looked to as one of the best painters in street art anywhere in the world.[1] Born in 1979 in Brisbane, Australia, he studied at the Queensland College of Art. Lister helped pioneer the street art movement in his home city as a teenager and is considered Australia’s premier street artist.[1][2] His scrawling, figurative style employs charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, and oil. “The first rule of painting is to take everyone else out of the equation,”[3] he has said. “I am the viewer, so I don’t underestimate my viewers. They see everything and I just have to assume that they are me. I can’t paint for anyone else.” His exhibitions include those held at the New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York and Black Art Projects in Melbourne. Lister currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Personal life[edit]

Lister was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1979.[4]

Lister began painting on the streets at the age of 17, a location which has endured as a key part of his practice as a space where he can take pleasure in his 'hobby' of producing art rather than the 'craft' of studio work. Despite this rough start, he went on to study at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, from which he graduated in 2001. Shortly after graduating, Lister traveled to New York, where he found mentorship under Max Gimblett, one of New Zealand's most influential living artists.[5]

Lister has since exhibited his work extensively within Australia and internationally both in the gallery and on the streets, notably with Bogan Paradise, a three-story exhibition in a disused sex shop in Sydney, Australia 2011, Los Angeles USA solo exhibition curated by Robert Gatsman 2011, Los Angeles solo show New Image Art 2011 and Unslung Heros, The Outsiders/Lazarides Gallery, London and Newcastle, UK 2012. Lister's wife and two children are featured in his "Have You Seen Them? The Listers" stickers. Photos and videos of his children are often seen in the "New" section of his official website.[6]

In November 2014, Lister was charged with 12 counts of wilful damage in relation to street art that he had created in various sites around Brisbane.[7] He was later fined $440 and sentenced to five hours of community service, with no conviction recorded.[8][9]


One of Australia's most internationally renowned contemporary artists,[1] Lister's work presents a grimy fusion of high and lowbrow culture with influences from a number of areas and genres, including street art, expressionism, pop art, and contemporary youth culture, often drawing from television and the "misguided role models" that result. Revelling in the "spirituality" and the "heritage" of Western popular culture he takes this joint legacy and remoulds it into something equally alluring and grotesque, a perfect representation of the society he seeks to depict. These works are seen in galleries across the globe with solo exhibitions across Australia, United States, Europe and UK.[10]

Taking influence from the dirtier and rough techniques of "Bad" Painting and merging it with the spirit and practices of graffiti art Lister has embraced an explosive, scratchy, scrawling form of figurative aesthetic using a variety of mediums from painting, drawing and installation to film, music and VR technology.

He is notable within the Lowbrow (art movement) and has been featured on Juxtapoz, Vogue, WoosterCollective and Highsnobiety. Commercially, Anthony Lister has worked with various international fashion, lifestyle and technological brands such as Hermès, The Standard Hotel, Westfield, Vogue Australia, Samsung and Mercedes-Benz. He has also collaborated with many well-known artists and personalities including Blek le Rat, Space Invader, Mark "Chopper" Reid and Nick Cave.

Noted as one of the top 50 most collectable Australian artists, Lister's work is included in the collections of National Gallery of Australia, David Roberts Collection, TVS Partnership, Brand & Slater Architects, Brisbane Grammar School, BHP Collection and Art Bank Australia.

Documentary-maker Eddie Martin is releasing a film about the value of self-expression, told through the life of Anthony Lister. In 2016 Screen Australia announced that "Lister - Adventure Painter" as well as 9 other documentaries will share in more than $2.54 million of funding from the agency’s Documentary Producer Program and the Documentary Broadcast program.[11] The film is currently in post-production and to be released in August 2017.[12]

Exhibitions (Solo)[edit]

2016: Run Away Ouiji, Blackarts Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Meanwhile, In Australia, Spacejunk Art Centers Grenoble, Lyon & Bayonne, France

2015: Black Door Limousine, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami USA

Mad Props Street Cred, New Image Art, Los Angeles USA

2014: Power Tripping, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC USA

Hurt People Hurt, Lazarides Gallery, London UK

2013: Never Odd Or Even, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami USA

The Beautiful Misery, Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney

SCOPE Art Fair special Projects Space, Miami USA

2012: Unslung Heros, The Outsiders/Lazarides Gallery, London & Newcastle UK

New Image Art, Los Angeles USA

Things We Shouldn’t Talk About, Milan, Italy

2011: Los Angeles Solo curated by Roger Gastman, Los Angeles USA

Bogan Paradise, Gallery A.S., Sydney Australia

Street Faces, Metro Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Rainbow Tears, Pictures On Walls, London UK

The Experiment, The Project Room, Berlin Germany

2010: Pop Up, Miami Basel, Miami USA

Memories Not Included, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney Australia

Installation and Sculpture Edition By Anthony Lister, The Standard, New York USA

How to Catch a Time Traveller, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York USA

The Beauty Of Failure, Show & Tell Gallery,Toronto Canada

You Call That a Back Rub, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne Australia

2009: No Win Sitch, Porky’s Strip Club, Kings Cross, Sydney Australia

The Pain of Feeling, K Gallery, Milan Italy

Magic Tricks, Fifty24 Gallery, San Francisco USA

2008: This Won’t Change Anything, Metro 5, Melbourne Australia

WK/Lister, Elms Lester, London UK

Quit Your Sobbing and Call Me in the Afternoon, New Image, Los Angeles USA

God has a plan to Kill Me, KGallery, Milan Italy

Spider Stance, Elms Lester, London UK

2007: Super is as Super Does, Metro5 Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Cracker got Snapped by the Pops, Fifty24, San Francisco USA

Mythology for Beginners, Harrison Galleries, Sydney Australia

Rest on Nails, Lyonswier Ortt, New York USA

2006: Saturday Morning Prime Time, Spectrum Galley, London UK

Supermarket, Metro5 Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Backdoor Confessional, Harrison Galleries, Sydney Australia

Between Crackdowns, Art Gallery Schuberts, Gold Coast Australia

Observations of Manliness, Criterion Gallery, Hobart Australia

2005: Smells Like White-Out, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Twice on Sundays, Fox Galleries, Brisbane Australia

Wrapped Meat Lyric, Lyonsweir Gallery, New York USA

My Daughter’s Panic Attack, Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney Australia

2004: Subtitled, Fox Galleries, Brisbane Australia

The Finer Points of Monkeyism, Art Galleries Schubert, Gold Coast Australia

2003: Places & Things, Fox Galleries, Brisbane Australia

2002: Issues & Aesthetics, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia

2001: Urbanised Influence, Fox Galleries, Brisbane Australia


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