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Two Sisters on Hard Water
Anthony Murphy

Anthony Murphy (born 1956 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentinian-born English painter, with strong Irish connections. He exhibits regularly in Mayfair, London and Dublin, Ireland [1]

Murphy was a child-actor, his roles including the eponymous hero in the British television serial, Tom Brown's Schooldays (1971), which won Emmys for Murphy as 'Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries' for his role as Tom Brown and as 'Best Miniseries' after it was screened by PBS in 1973. Despite the critical acclaim, he never again worked as an actor.

Murphy attended New College at Oxford University from 1975-1978[1] to study Philosophy, Psychology and Physiology. He then married his first wife and moved to Ireland, working as a potter and an aerial photographer. But after four years Murphy divorced, and subsequently he returned to school to study law. Despite lacking passion for the law, Murphy pursued a career as a corporate lawyer, first in England then in Paris, France. In Paris he met and married his second wife. Murphy began to paint “to relieve the boredom of corporate law.”[2] Murphy's first painting exhibition in 1991 in London was a great success, and his colorful Gauguin-esque paintings became highly desirable.

In 1992, Murphy relocated from Paris to a large country house near Carcassonne in the south of France.

His work is mainly in oil and pastel; he is known predominantly for his French and Irish scenes and his skill as a colourist.  He is currently represented by The Oriel Gallery in Dublin and Nicholas Bowlby Fine Art in England.

A Retrospective of his work was shown in London in 2016.  He currently has his studio in France and exhibits regularly.


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