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Anthony Ryan
Born1970 (age 49–50)
Scotland, United Kingdom
GenreFantasy and Science Fiction
Notable worksRaven's Shadow series

Anthony Ryan is a Scottish writer of fantasy and Science Fiction, best known for his books about Vaelin Al Sorna, which started in 2013 with Blood Song. He worked as a full-time researcher before switching to full-time writing. He currently lives in London, England. He has a degree in Medieval History.


Anthony Ryan was born in Scotland in 1970 but has spent much of his adult life in London.[1] Anthony Ryan initially self-published Blood Song,[2] however, he switched to major publication when Penguin books offered him a three-book deal in May 2012. He started writing full-time after the success of the publication. He continues to self-publish a series of SF Noir novellas.


Raven's Shadow Trilogy[edit]

  • Blood Song (2013)
  • Tower Lord (2014)
  • Queen of Fire (2015)

Raven’s Blade Duology[edit]

Sequel Series to Raven’s Shadow Trilogy

  • The Wolf’s Call (July 2019)
  • The Black Song (August 2020)

Slab City Blues[edit]

  • Slab City Blues (2011)
  • A Song for Madame Choi (2011)
  • A Hymn to Gods Long Dead (2012)
  • The Ballad of Bad Jack (2013)
  • An Aria for Ragnarok (2015)
  • Slab City Blues: The Collected Stories (2015)

The Draconis Memoria Trilogy[edit]

  • The Waking Fire (2016)
  • The Legion of Flame (2017)
  • The Empire of Ashes (2018)

Seven Swords Series[edit]

  • A Pilgrimage of Swords (2019)
  • Kraken’s Tooth

Short Stories[edit]

Raven's Shadow

  • The Lord Collector. Available in Blackguards Anthology.
  • A Duel of Evils. Available in Unfettered II Anthology.
  • The Lady of Crows
  • Many Are the Dead

The Draconis Memoria

  • Sandrunners. Available in Legends II Anthology - Stories in Honour of David Gemmell.


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