Anthony Zboralski

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Anthony Zboralski
Anthony Zboralski
Born Martigues, France
Residence United Kingdom
Citizenship French, British
Known for security, attention economy
Scientific career
Fields Computer science

Anthony Zboralski is a French hacker, artist and internet entrepreneur.[1][2]


Anthony Zboralski was born in Martigues (France). He attended Parmiter's School from 1989 to 1990.[citation needed]

Computer hacking[edit]

in 1994, Zboralski social engineered the FBI to connect to the internet and set up teleconferences with other hackers. Over a period of four months, Zboralski posed as its legal attaché in Paris, Thomas Baker, costing the FBI 250,000 dollars.[3]

Zboralski was part of a group of hackers called w00w00.[4]


From 2011 to 2013, Zboralski worked as a managing consultant for IOActive, a computer security firm with headquarters in Seattle and London. In 2014, Zboralski co-founded Belua Systems Limited[5]


Surfez Couvert was a TV show co-written by Antoine Rivière and Zboralski in which Zboralski offered practical recommendations on how to protect our "life 2.0". It began airing on Game One in 2013 and was co-produced by Flair Production and MTV Networks France.[6]


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