Anthropologie structurale deux

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The Anthropologie structurale deux (also known by the title of Structural Anthropology) is a collection of texts by Claude Lévi-Strauss that was first published in 1973, the year Lévi-Strauss was elected to the Académie française.[1][2] The texts are in turn a result of an earlier collection of texts, Anthropologie structurale that he had published in 1958.

The work is considered to be the origin of the idea of structural anthropology.[3][4][5][6]

Table of Contents[edit]

Perspective views[edit]

  • The field of anthropology
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau , founder of the Human Sciences
  • That the ethnology is to Durkheim
  • The work of the Bureau of American Ethnology and lessons

Social organization[edit]

  • Meaning and use of the concept of model
  • Reflections on the atom of kinship

Mythology and ritual[edit]

  • The structure and form
  • The gesture Asdiwal
  • Four myth Winnebago
  • Sex of the stars
  • Fungi in culture
  • Reports symmetry between rites and myths of their neighbors
  • How myths die

Humanism and Humanities[edit]

  • Responses to surveys
  • Scientific criteria in the social sciences and humanities
  • Discontinuities cultural and economic development and social
  • Race and History


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