Anti-Aircraft (video game)

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Anti-Aircraft 1975 arcade flyer.jpg
Publisher(s)Atari, Inc
Genre(s)Scrolling military shooter
CPUNone (Discrete circuitry only)
SoundAmplified Mono (one channel)
DisplayHorizontal orientation, raster (black and white), Standard Resolution.

Anti-Aircraft is a two-player arcade game by Atari, Inc, originally released in 1975. The game is sometimes referred to as Anti-Aircraft II, denoting the two-player aspect of the game.[2]


Planes fly overhead, either singly or in pairs, in random directions in the aircraft flight area. The object is to shoot down more planes than the player's opponent during the time limit.[3]

Each player controls an anti-aircraft gun located in the lower left and right corners of the screen, respectively. A player's gun is controlled by three buttons located in each player's control station, which consists of a button for moving up, down, and firing. The up and down buttons move the gun to any one of three predefined positions.



A home console port was included in the Atari VCS game cartridge, Air-Sea Battle, released by Atari, Inc. in 1977.


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