Anti-Black Box Curriculum Movement

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Anti-Black Box Curriculum Movement
Traditional Chinese反黑箱課綱運動
Simplified Chinese反黑箱课纲运动
The Ministry of Education building surrounded

The Anti-Black Box Curriculum Movement was a Taiwanese student protest, related to the Sunflower Student Movement, against certain proposed senior high school curriculum changes. "Black box" is a reference to the students' concerns about the opaqueness of the proposed change. On 23 July 2015, the protesters stormed the Ministry of Education.

The proposed changes to the high school history curriculum included the mention in textbooks of Japanese war crimes during their occupation of Taiwan[1] and the acknowledgement of comfort women sex-slavery in Asia. Students also protested what they felt was too much straight regurgitation and Buxiban cramming in the educational system, as well as perceived corruption and mafia connections among politicians.[2]


  1. ^ In Taiwanese historiography debates, supporters of Taiwan independence and a Taiwanese national consciousness prefer to downplay Japanese war crimes and emphasize aspects of the White Terror that the Kuomintang inflicted in Taiwan.
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