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Anti-booker (Russian: Антибукер) Russian literary award that existed between 1995 and 2001. Established by newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta using money of Boris Berezovsky. Its name refers to British-sponsored Russian Booker and differences are:

  • prize was to be one dollar more than the Russian Booker
  • not limited to novels, but has 5 nominations (also poetry, stageplays, literary critics and memoirs)
  • current year's works were awarded.

Judging panel[edit]

Judges included well-known journalists, editors, literary critics and artists:

et al.


  • 1995 - Aleksei Varlamov, Nativity (Рождение) (novel)
  • 1996 - Dmitri Bakin (pseudónim), Country of origin (Страна происхождения) (novel)
  • 1997 - Dmitri Galkovsky, Infinite Dead-end (Бесконечный тупик) (novel) - Dmitri Galkovski declined the prize
    • - Timur Kibirov, Paráfrasis (Парафразис) (poetry)
    • - Oleg Bogayev, Russian popular post (Русская народная почта) (stageplay)
    • - Aleksandr Goldstein, Farewell to Narciss (Прощание с нарциссом) (literary critics)
  • 1998 - Andrei Volos, Hurramabad (Хуррамабад) (novel)
    • - Maksim Amelin, cycle of poetry Follow Sumarokov with olive of victory (За Сумароковым с победною оливой) (poetry)
    • - Maksim Kurochkin, Ironwill (Стальова воля) (stageplay)
    • - Oleg Davydov, Demon of Solzhenitsyn (Демон Солженицына) (literary critics)
    • - Emma Gershtein, Memoirs
    • - Marina Tarkovski, Shards of mirror (Осколки зеркала) (Memoirs)
  • 1999 - no prose was awarded
    • - no poetry was awarded; prize was kept and later awarded Boris Ryzhi, From Sverdlovsk with love
    • - Evgeni Grishkovets, Notes of Russian voyager and Winter (Записки русского путешественника, Зима) (stageplays)
    • - Pavel Basinski, (literary critics)
    • - Aleksandr Ivanchenko, Bathing of red horse (poem without heroes), (Купание Красного коня (поэма без героев))
  • 2000 - Boris Akunin Coronation or ultimate from Romanov (Коронация, или Последний из РОМАНОВ) (novel)

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