Anti-Semite and Jew

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Anti-Semite and Jew
Anti-Semite and Jew (French edition).jpg
Cover of the French edition
Author Jean-Paul Sartre
Original title Réflexions sur la question juive
Translator George J. Becker
Country France
Language French
Subject Antisemitism
Publisher Editions Morihien
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print
Pages 153
ISBN 0-8052-1047-4

Anti-Semite and Jew (French: Réflexions sur la question juive) is an essay about antisemitism written by Jean-Paul Sartre shortly after the liberation of Paris from German occupation in 1944. The first part of the essay, "The Portrait of the Antisemite", was published in December 1945 in Les Temps modernes. The full text was then published in 1946.


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